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12:21 am EDT        61°F (16°C) in Fremont, IN

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A quick note to start: a happy 31st anniversary to my parents today.

I've finally managed to get some decent miles this past week, after getting out of the company terminal last Monday (May 17). This is a good thing, because lately I've been spending quite a bit more money than I've been bringing in. I am probably going to have to stay on the road for much, if not all, of the month of June in an effort to reverse this trend. Meanwhile, in other financial news, I think I have finally obtained all the information my attorney will need to take my bankruptcy filing to the court in downtown Detroit. As long as he gets everything in before June 23, the collection lawsuit that was filed against me in January will have to be thrown out.

I have to admit that other than getting some road pictures, I really haven't accomplished much more with this site. A good bit of my computer time and energy has been wasted lately by the widespread "trolling" of the Usenet newsgroup misc.transport.road, on which I am a regular contributor. I won't name names here, but one poster in particular has almost single-handedly run the entire group into the ground by — to make a long, sordid saga very short — more or less acting like a six-year-old. This poster's behavior has ranged from desperate pleas for attention to "attack" posts in which gays/lesbians, Canadians, and several state highway agencies are the usual targets of a lambasting — done in the most grade-school-insult-like way you can imagine. (Of course, this poster's anti-gay ramblings bring out the other "trolls" whose single pet topic is homo-hatred, and I've had to waste a good bit of time shooting down their faulty logic as well.)

As if that alone isn't annoying enough, I'm also being slandered by one of Eric's old acquaintances from the U.P.. The acquaintance in question believes that because I am "jealous" of how many men the acquaintance sleeps with, I told Eric a whole bunch of lies to "destroy" their "friendship." (Does this sound familiar?) Friends, this is hardly the case. The only part I had in the whole situation was to tell Eric something his acquaintance had told me: that while Eric was going to a class 70 miles from home, the acquaintance would ride there with him to meet another man for sex, claiming he was going to study in a lounge. It was more Eric's and Eric's father's decision to end whatever "friendship" might have existed; Eric came to realize he was being used, and Eric's father insisted that the acquaintance's behavior would only become more parasitic (i.e., leeching off Eric to go have fun himself) if the friendship was not ended. A few weeks later, we now see the acquaintance slandering me in an online forum both the acquaintance and Eric participate in, calling me everything from a liar to a pedophile — and amazingly, without even once having heard my side of the story (I don't participate in that online forum), everybody on this forum is telling the acquaintance that they believe it is he — not I — who is the liar.

Well, that's about enough "setting the record straight" on those topics. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor on Thursday morning; this is basically just to check on how things have progressed in the last two months. After that, I have a bit of business to transact Thursday and Friday, and probably Saturday, I'll head back out to the road again.