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I didn't think to mention this in the update I made in the wee hours of Sunday morning, but I'll do it now.

Mike Danton, a 23-year-old forward for the St. Louis Blues (an NHL hockey team for those who aren't sports fans or live outside North America), was arrested by FBI agents early Friday morning at the airport in San Jose, CA, as the Blues prepared to fly back to St. Louis after having been eliminated from the NHL playoffs by the San Jose Sharks on Thursday night. The arrest was made upon allegations that Danton attempted to hire a hit man who would kill an "unidentified male acquaintance" for $10,000. Danton, who was born Mike Jefferson and changed his surname not long ago, apparently told a female friend, Katie Wolfmeyer, of the plot; Wolfmeyer then turned to another man, who made the report to the FBI. The news stories that I am paraphrasing here state that the man Danton wanted killed shared an apartment with Danton; that Danton and the man had argued about alcohol and promiscuity; and that Danton's stated reason for seeking the murder was to prevent the man from reporting something that could "ruin [Danton's] career" to the management of the Blues.

For those of you who haven't already put two and two together, what we have here is fairly obvious. At risk of being sued — though come on, who reads this? — I'll scream it.


Two straight roommates rarely, if ever, argue with each other over who drinks too much and who sleeps around with too many women. Furthermore, not only is homophobia rampant among professional athletes, it is almost expected of them, it seems.

  • "I don't want any f*ggots on my team." — Garrison Hearst, San Francisco 49ers running back
  • When asked if there were any gay players in the NFL: "I hope not." When asked about gay college teammates: "I wouldn't stand for it. They're gonna be in the shower with us and stuff, so I don't think that's gonna work." — Jeremy Shockey, current New York Giants and former University of Miami Hurricanes tight end
  • "I wouldn't want a gay guy being around me. … [H]e shouldn't walk around proud [of being gay]. It's like he's rubbing it in our face." — Todd Jones, Colorado Rockies relief pitcher
  • After being booed by San Francisco Giants fans for two incidents involving Giants players: "Why should I care about the fans? They're a bunch of … f*ggots here." — Julian Tavarez, Chicago Cubs pitcher

Clearly, in such an environment, even if your own teammates don't tear you to shreds, you better bet the opposition is coming after you with a desire to kill. This would explain the bit about "ruining Danton's career" quite easily.

Aside from the condemnation that has to go with attempted murder, I have to even further condemn Danton for what he is doing to gay people everywhere. By his actions, he is furthering the incorrect belief that being gay is something to be ashamed of, something to hide at all cost. I mean, we're already losing large numbers of teenagers, both male and female, to suicides carried out because they so fear having to live as a gay person. Seriously, haven't you Wacko Satanic Righties taken enough from us? I guess not. You won't stop until we're all wiped out, just like the al-Qaeda terrorists you're in bed with.

Enough on that. I have other things to talk about, like all the electronic toys I've bought in the last two days. I ended up having most of the weekend to waste because the company shop was closed from 3:00 pm Saturday to 6:30 am Sunday, and could only diagnose — but not fix — my engine problem Sunday. I put some of that time to use at a Circuit City store; Saturday night, I bought a wireless optical mouse for this laptop, along with some extra batteries and a 10-pack of CD-RW discs. Sunday afternoon, I spent quite a bit more money; I am now the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot A75 digital camera, some extra memory and rechargeable batteries to use with it, and a Wi-Fi card for the places I can use that technology with this computer. When I go to "Da U.P." early next month, Eric's house is set up for Wi-Fi, so I'll be able to scream along the information superhighway.

It's off to Illinois in the next couple of days …