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5:47 pm EDT        77°F (25°C) in Harrisburg, PA

Calendar of Updates

This update finds me with my truck in the Freightliner dealership here in Harrisburg, a few miles east of the Susquehanna River just off Interstate 83. This past Monday, as I was driving through Kentucky, the blower motor in my sleeper (for A/C and heat back there) stopped working. After much wrangling between dispatch and the road-service department, I arrived at a truck stop garage just south of Cincinnati; when they told me the job was beyond their capabilities, I proceeded to Cincinnati's Freightliner dealer in the suburb of Sharonville, OH. Four hours later, they had me out of there with a new, working blower motor — or so I thought. When I stopped just east of Columbus for dinner, the unit stopped working again. Further diagnosis on my part demonstrated that by merely pulling the 30-amp fuse from its socket (it was perfectly fine) and re-inserting it, I could get the motor to start working again — for a while. Last night, the company shop a bit west of here was finally able to correctly diagnose the problem as a shorted wiring harness; however, they do not have the part available, and they felt that Freightliner would be able to do the job better. (Apparently, my truck has some kind of experimental or otherwise new-for-2003-models sleeper climate control unit. Hence, the company shop lacks experience with these units.)

I am taking advantage of the time I have here to do some work toward this site. I'm starting with work on the Highways and Photography sections, and fairly soon I plan to upload some of the stuff I've done to get some opinions on it. I don't know when I'll have all the work on this site done — there is a ton of it, to be frank — but I am making some progress now.