News and Notes

« Wed.07.14.1999 »

Today is my father's birthday. He is just one year away from the magical 50, when life starts to go downhill.

I finally have my PC back, after 29 days of being forced to use a Macintrash. I've decided that this computer will get a one-year reprieve from the execution it was supposed to get this summer.

My Friday bus shift this week will be the 8-hour Northwood, from 5 pm to 1 am. I wanted a Commuter run, but that'll wait for next Friday.

As promised, more summer of '89 stuff: On July 12, my uncle and I visited several important San Diego landmarks, including the world-famous zoo, the Coronado Bay, and Cabrillo National Monument, the southwesternmost point in the continental United States. On July 13, we went to Tijuana, Mexico, just across the border. I purchased a cheesy $5 toy ukelele from a street vendor, while my uncle went for the good stuff -- tequila. After returning to California, we spent the afternoon at Jack Murphy Stadium watching the Chicago Cubs paste the Padres, 7-3. July 14 was the day when I was transferred to my aunt back in Santa Ana; I didn't really do too much on the 14th, save the drive from San Diego to LA. (to be continued) ...