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« Sun.07.11.1999 »

Compared to everything else at Arbor, doing OSP kicks ass. I have determined that everything else there sucks.

The bus shift on Friday proceeded without incident. I drive again this upcoming Friday; I will attempt to get run 107, which is a Commuter run.

Ten years ago today, I began the longest trip I have ever taken -- a nine-day excursion to California. Not much really happened on Tuesday night, July 11, 1989, though; I went from the airport to my aunt's house in Santa Ana, where everybody over 21 proceeded to get shitfaced. The All-Star Game was being played in neighboring Anaheim that night, and I remember a plane skywriting the message, "WELCOME ALL-STAR GAME." After that, I left with my uncle to his house in El Cajon, near San Diego, where I stayed up past 2 am (damned late for a 9-year-old, which I was then, but seems like nothing now). More of my reliving the summer of 1989 in an upcoming post ... (to be continued)