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« Mon.07.19.1999 »

Last time I updated this on the 14th, it was my father's birthday. Today is my mother's birthday; she is 47.

This PC has been causing me a lot of problems lately. I replaced the modem and CD-ROM drive on Wednesday, and it worked fine. On Thursday morning, the sound refused to work, but the machine still ran. By Friday, the thing was spontaneously rebooting itself every time I started it. The problem appears to be the modem.

As promised, the end of the summer of '89 trip: On Saturday morning, July 15, 1989, my aunt and I left the Santa Ana house around 6 am for a two-day camp-out in a state park near Lompoc, CA, 35 miles northwest of Santa Barbara. She belonged to some sort of camping group at the time, so we joined them. We would return on the 16th, on which afternoon I would see most of the famous L.A. sights. We drove past the Forum (the now-former home of the Lakers and Kings), the Hollywood sign, and a number of other L.A. landmarks. The 17th was spent at Universal Studios-Hollywood, where my greatest memory was perhaps the sound stage in which they filmed Battlestar Galactica. I then spent the 18th at Disneyland, meeting Mickey Mouse and the gang. Finally, the 19th was the day of my flight home; as I write this page, it is exactly 10 years within the hour of the time I arrived home. So -- this brings to a conclusion the saga of my 1989 trip to California, on its 10th anniversary.