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«  Sun.03.11.2001  »
11:28 pm EST        29°F (-2°C) in Dearborn
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Something motivated me to make another update tonight. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but I just had this feeling that said, "update this thing again." So, I went along with it.

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's update, but ten days ago on March 1, this News section of Larry's Phat Page celebrated its second birthday. I thought I'd been doing this way too long when I hit March 1, 2000; well, now I've been at it twice as long. Though sometimes it's been hard to keep up my passion for doing this, I've somehow found a way to keep the fire fueled. Hell, this section (and the whole site along with it) nearly came crashing down two months ago to this day, but I've persevered, and even through threats on my life, I've kept this going. I guess that's one positive thing I can look at as I continue to recover from my clinical depression.

Speaking of depression, I looked through some of the updates all throughout this site's history, and I am definitely beginning to think that I've been depressed for a much longer time than merely since December 13 last year. It could well be that the events of December 13 served only to make me aware of the situation, rather than representing its starting point. It's hard to say, and I think it's going to be a long time before I know for sure, but that is a possibility.

Earlier today, I got to bid on Commuter Express' overnight charter trips through the end of June. I ended up with seven trips: two each to Washington, DC, and Chicago, and one each to New York, Cocoa Beach, FL, and Bloomington, MN. As a heads-up to my readers, you won't be seeing many updates in May; I'm gone for a good bit of the month.

I've been trying as best I can not to worry about some of the things that have gotten me down lately. These worries have not only dragged me down, but have also contributed to a perception among my friends and acquaintances that I am only fixating on the negative aspects of my life. It's seemed like I've driven at least a couple acquaintances away; it's certainly not something I've tried to do, but now, it's something I must try to avoid doing. It will probably improve my perception among my friends, but even more importantly, it will probably do wonders for me.

I'd better be going for the evening. I have a myriad of small tasks to do tomorrow morning before work in the afternoon.