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«  Sat.03.10.2001  »
3:42 pm EST        43°F (6°C) in Dearborn
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A number of factors have contributed to my not having updated this section in two weeks. I've been very busy at Commuter, working nearly 120 hours in the last two weeks. I was told by a friend that it seems I fixate too much on the crap that surrounds my life, and it seems that that's about all I've done on this site recently, so I figured I should keep my mouth shut. Finally, as I originally said a few weeks ago, I'm losing my passion for keeping this up — it seems as though nobody out there really, truly cares about the mundane details of my life. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I was naive and stupid a few months ago, when I more or less bared my soul to the World Wide Web. Doing that did bring me a little bit of concern and care from people, but more than anything else, I met a bunch of weirdos.

I've basically resigned myself to the fact that nobody, not even my parents, cares about me enough to help me out with the things I need. I've given up on my father co-signing for a car loan for me — by the time he claims he might come through for me, I'll have a down payment ready. I've given up on finding love — everywhere I go, I get turned away. However, that can't stop me from remembering the positive things I have in life — I have several wonderful friends, a decent job, and (although they are constantly under threat from my mother) a roof over my head and food on the table. So, I find a way to survive, even if only by the slimmest of margins.

I'll leave the future of this journal up to you, my sometimes-loyal readers. Do you really care about the mundane details of my life, my feelings, my thoughts, and my dreams? Let me know. Would you rather I just kept this like it is now, a mere recounting of events? Tell me what you want.