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«  Sun.06.17.2001  »
1:07 pm EDT        77°F (25°C) in Dearborn
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All I can say is "holy sh*t." I've basically not updated this site for an entire season — three months and change have passed since my last update. I haven't even touched the other sections since then; if you look through the 2000-2001 season links in the Michigan Hockey section, you'll see that I never got past Michigan's CCHA semifinal game on March 16.

My loyal readers have probably fled for the hills at this point, but I probably should explain what kept me from updating and what inspired me to do it again today. Basically, 100-plus hours of work every pay period will keep one from one's old non-paying habits. I updated today since this site's hosting bill comes due tomorrow, and I had to set things up so that I will be billed and that this site will continue to live on. (Even if I didn't update at all, I still need to keep the domain name to have e-mail. You can sign me up for Hotmail when you pry my keyboard from my cold, dead body, thank you very much.)

I won't bother going into every detail about my folks. It will suffice to say that they're up to their same old tricks, sometimes escalated in intensity, but usually mere annoyances. I will be moving out shortly; I'm just waiting on my father to come through with his end of the deal. It's like this: He no pay first month's rent, I no move.

Perhaps the biggest change in my life since March 11 was the purchase of a 2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS on March 27. Due to administrative bungling at the dealership, the sale wasn't made final until April 14, at which point I already had 700 miles on the car — but hey, two and a half weeks' free use of a car was nice. I am now approaching 5,000 miles on the car, and the only problem I've ever had was my own damn fault — I found a foot-long roofing nail during a roofing project at Commuter Express, and had to get the left rear tire replaced at 600 miles.

I have also changed employers since March 11. I am now with Bianco Tours, doing essentially the same thing I was doing at Commuter Express — driving chartered motor coaches. All I'll say about Commuter was that I don't think it was the right fit for me — I won't assign blame either way; it's always best to remain diplomatic. (Except with my mother. I know you read this site three times a day since you have nothing better to do, and that you think I "tell all" here. I guess your son is more mature than you give him credit for, maybe even more so than you, eh?)

(To anybody else reading, anti-mother rant complete.) I can't prove my point in face-to-face conversations, or even in parting shots, so perhaps the magic of hypertext will do the trick. Anyway, I need to get on to other things. Perhaps I'll be back here tomorrow, or not until September, who knows ...