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«  Sat.01.20.2001  »
5:00 pm EST        21°F (-6°C) in Ann Arbor
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I meant to update this section yesterday, but I've been using what limited network time I've been getting on my own computer to make other changes around the site. I'm finally getting my chance this evening.

I am going to call my parents later and discuss the possibility of returning home either tomorrow evening or Monday. I've been getting the feeling that I'm starting to wear out my welcome with Pat, in addition to the fact that another so-called "friend" has been criticizing me rather harshly about the whole situation. I would do the things I needed to do if only I had assurances that I would be allowed to do them, and those assurances have not yet been forthcoming — the "friend" fails to see that.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be meeting a female acquaintance of mine for lunch. We know each other as a result of the proximity of our seats at Michigan hockey games, and I've been getting a feeling that she might be interested in me. I will, of course, have to inform her that I am not interested in her sexually, only as a friend.

(Funny related story: I moved down one row to sit next to her during the first intermission of last night's game. We were exchanging e-mail addresses, and I asked some people around me if they had something I could use to write. One fan was trying to ask me a question when Jeff Holzhausen, the original Superfan, drowned him out, saying, "Leave him alone! He's getting some!" If Holzie only knew ... )

I've again been eyeballing jobs, cars, and other things I would need to establish at least financial and mobility independence from my parents. My heart is still more or less set on a 2001 Saturn SL1 with a manual transmission, although we'll see how that progresses before I buy anything. I know this much, I definitely want the stick-shift; I'll be the only person in the family able to drive the car. That will put an end to some of my family's more annoying stunts with what is really supposed to be "my" car. (So I was told when it was purchased in 1997.)

Pat is again going to require the network for one of his projects, so I'll have to bring this update to an end.