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«  Wed.01.17.2001  »
3:09 am EST        31°F (-1°C) in Ann Arbor
Calendar of Updates

I have been through the most hellish six days of my life since the last update in this section. I did decide to re-open it with restricted access yesterday.

Shortly after making the update last Thursday, I was at the point where I just wanted to kill myself right then and there. My friend Nym had to talk me out of it; about an hour and a half later, he and Pat showed up with Jessica's Honda Civic. We moved most everything that was important to me — this computer in its boxes, some clothes, and some paperwork stuff — and packed it into the Civic. We moved the stuff into Pat's room, did dinner, and dropped Pat off before Eric and I went to meet Jessica at the airport.

I haven't really been doing a lot productive since then. On Friday morning, I went over to the Secretary of State office across town to renew my driver's license — I'm about to turn 21 (woo hoo!). Later on Friday, I helped move Sarah out of her room before going to Mongolian Barbeque with her, Pat, and her parents. Other than that, I've been primarily sitting around Pat's room or the computer lab in the next building over from here.

I want all my loyal readers to know that despite being low on cash, unemployed, and without support here, I am finding a way to survive. I may not be eating much, trying to make the food last, but I'm not starving by any means. I know I have people who love and care about me, and that is really keeping me going here.

At some point, I am going to have to return home. I will have to get a job and begin some kind of psychiatric therapy for my depression from there. After a few months, I hope to be able to move out of the house.

I'm kind of short on time right now (it's late!), but I will return here in the next day or two with more of my past happenings and future plans.