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8:44 pm EST        28°F (-2°C) in Johnstown, NY

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Thankfully, I don’t think I have the bird flu anymore. For all I know, it was the crazy sleeping and waking hours I had to put up with on Wednesday and Thursday that had me feeling weird; in any case, after two days of trying to return to at least a steady pattern, I don’t seem to be having the whole exploding-head feeling. After this load comes off here, I’ll be headed back west for a load going to Michigan, namely to my state’s capital city of Lansing.

For those that didn’t catch it, Dumbya admitted this morning in his weekly radio address that he has been ordering the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct domestic spying operations on American citizens, including but not limited to wiretaps, library and banking records, and other information that, for 229 years, has been considered private. Despite the fact that this is a blatant and egregious violation of the Fourth Amendment, among others, he claims it is legal and says that he will continue to do it.

Was it not enough to be guilty of at least 103,100 counts of homicide (100,000 Iraqi civilians and roughly 2,100 U.S. soldiers in the “war” in Iraq, and at least a thousand American civilians in the wake of Hurricane Katrina), at least 30,000 of which in Fallujah were premeditated (as evidenced by the use of white phosphorus, a chemical weapon)? Wouldn’t that satisfy the criminal desires of almost anybody? Apparently, that’s not enough for Dumbya, who feels the need to commit even more treasonous high crimes by explicitly violating the Constitution he is sworn to “preserve, protect, and defend.”

Can we fucking kill the asshole already? How much more treason will it take to get him in front of a firing squad, bound and gagged? Of course, that assumes that The Hague doesn’t get a hold of him first for the war crimes of which his mis-administration is well known to be guilty. This goes far beyond simply being the worst president in the history of the United States. Let’s be completely honest here: the more relevant question to ask is whether George W. Bush is the most thoroughly Satanic life form ever to have inhabited the planet. When he dies — hopefully sooner than later — a new level of Hell is going to have to be created for him, beneath even the current lowest level occupied by Adolf Hitler.

Go ahead and call me the Ann Coulter of the left if you really must, but you goddamn well know I speak the truth. (Oh yeah, before I forget, that fucking cunt whore slut bitch is going to end up sharing Satan’s bed when she(????) corks off. Then again, who knows what that Adam’s apple really means … “THAT’S A MAN, BABY!” — Austin Powers.) (Note: Apologies to the transgendered segment of the population of my fellow queers, for implicitly counting Satan’s mother among you like that; but come on, seriously, how can Coulter not be an MTF?)

Lately, I’ve been carrying on an experiment, albeit an invisible one, with this News section of the site. The Blogger service, which was created by Google, allows users to host blogs on their own sites via FTP instead of using the Blogger hosting service (which yields URLs of the form I am testing out a Blogger blog hosted at this site, and if you want to check it out, the half-dozen or so entries immediately previous to this one are mirrored at I have to admit I’m not exactly thrilled with it so far, and really at this point, the only reason I’m continuing the experiment is to try to gauge the impact (if any) on traffic to this site; but we’ll see how it goes.

Additionally, I am trying out another change to the site, this one more visible. I have changed my CSS code to suggest the Trebuchet MS font for at least Windows PCs (I’m not sure what kind of market penetration Trebuchet has in other OSes) instead of the Verdana font I have used for years. Verdana is now the second choice that I suggest, and I am told by a Mac-owning friend of mine that Verdana is included in more recent versions of MacOS, so chances are good that unless you have an ancient UNIX box, you will see this site’s text in something other than plain old boring Helvetica. I’ve also made a few other little tweaks to my CSS intended to make things a bit more easily readable, namely increasing a couple point-size numbers for various categories of text and bumping up line spacing a bit.