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6:54 am EST        29°F (-2°C) in Waukegan, IL

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I sure as fuck hope I don’t have the bird flu. wink For roughly the last 36 hours — strangely enough, it seemed to start about the same time I got back in the truck — I have really not been feeling all that great. Copious amounts of Flonase and Claritin have been the only things keeping me from being completely congested in the head, and although I’m nowhere near hacking-up-a-lung sick, I have this strange scratchy sort of feeling just below my throat. Meanwhile, in the part that would give my flatulence-obsessed friend Marc the chuckles, I have had terrible gas out the wazoo; this probably has something to do with my stomach not feeling completely right. Sleep might help, but as I had to do this past October 10, I am waiting on an early-morning delivery appointment here.

Folks, what I have repeatedly said here has again been proven to be true: the American “Family” Association, a.k.a. the American Fuckwad Association, is a complete joke. Yesterday, the Ford Motor Company reversed course after appearing to capitulate to the Fuckwads and will keep running print advertisements in gay-oriented periodicals such as Advocate and Out. The A.Fuck.A. had threatened a so-called “boycott” of Ford for, among other things, the aforementioned advertisements, financial and logistical support of certain gay-oriented events, and the company’s policy of granting benefits to domestic partners of its gay employees.

Ford didn’t even come close to giving the A.Fuck.A. what it wanted in its original understanding with the Christofascist terrorist organization; all the company did was make vague commitments to end the financial support of some GLBT events and restrict gay-targeted advertising to its Jaguar and Land Rover brands. Nevertheless, being the joke that it is, the A.Fuck.A. announced that it would end the “boycott.” Not even a week later, Ford has turned right back around and told these Nazi wannabes to go fuck themselves.

This is all the proof one should need that even in spite of its fascist, totalitarian tactics, the tiny minority that falsely calls itself the “‘Christian’ right” is and forever will be on the wrong side of history. Despite the lies they tell to the contrary, there are far, far more Americans committed to tolerance, fairness, and equality than to their fantasies of a world where gay people are systematically exterminated. Their anti-Christian attitudes and actions will condemn them to eternity in the fires of Hell, unless they repent and cease the hatred and intolerance Jesus clearly condemned in Mark 12:31: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Well, after this previous night of no sleep on my way up here, it’s time for me to sleep away the day.