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6:23 pm EST        31°F (-1°C) in Edwardsville, IL

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Since my last update, I have been to Pennsylvania with one load, and then proceeded to bring one here to the “Metro East” area near St. Louis. Later on this evening, I have to pick up another one from here, and take it to Texas for Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, in the Turkish capital of Istanbul, Pope Benedict XVI apparently announced an end to the Catholic Church’s long-held, un-Biblically-supported views on homosexuality and women’s reproductive freedom. Speaking at the Holy Spirit Cathedral, Benedict said, “You know well that the church wishes to impose nothing on anyone, and that she merely asks to live in freedom.” This would seem to be a huge shift in direction for the Vatican, which for decades has done everything in its power to keep God’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children in third-class citizenship and restrict the freedoms of women.

Now of course, you and I know quite well what’s going to happen. In another few months, the Vatican is going to put out another one of its roughly quarterly statements to bash gays and talk about how evil women who want to control their own destiny are. When they do this, Benedict, the cardinals in the Vatican, and bishops and priests worldwide, along with the lay Catholics who brainlessly parrot their shit, will certainly condemn themselves to the depths of Hell — they will have demonstrated themselves to be intractable, reprobate hypocrites. Hypocrisy, as those of you who have actually opened a Bible will remember, is condemned by Jesus as the worst of sins over an entire chapter (the 23rd one) of the Gospel of Matthew. And the Vatican wonders why it is irrelevant in the educated world today …

We now move to a breaking story for much better news. Just as I have reached this point in this update, with my radio going to listen to it, the last-second desperation pass attempt by USC quarterback John David Booty has been knocked down; the UCLA Bruins have just completed the biggest upset of the college football season, 13-9 over the Trojans. This means that Michigan is almost certainly going to play for the national championship, in a rematch with those fucking good-for-nothing shits from O*** State — it really doesn’t matter what Florida goes on to do in the SEC championship game. No team that played Division I-AA Western Carolina, while the other team under consideration played (and killed) Florida’s conference opponent Vanderbilt, MAC champion Central Michigan, and Notre Dame, deserves even the slightest consideration for a berth in the championship game.

I have too much shit to finish tonight to write much more, but I say bring on the Pink and Gay, er, scarlet and gray. wink