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«  Tue.11.20.2001  »
6:56 am EST        36°F (2°C) in metro Detroit
Calendar of Updates

It's been three months since updates again. By all outward signs, my life is going even worse than it was back in January and February (when I was just inches above suicidal tendencies), but you certainly wouldn't see me show it. There's just something about how I approach life now that has kept me from going off the deep end, even under more serious threats than I faced early this year.

I used to be the total Type A personality, always driven, always stressing to the max over the tiniest little things. Now I'm at the total polar opposite end of the scale; I probably don't take things seriously enough in a lot of cases, but it hasn't done me in yet.

I've moved again since my last update; again I won't give my exact whereabouts, but I'll let it be known that I am in the area known as "Downriver." (That is to say, down the Detroit River from the city, toward Lake Erie.) People who need to know where I am know where I am.

I've been unemployed since October 16, but I may be starting something as soon as Friday. Not everything is completely set in stone yet, but I may be starting the training for an over-the-road truck-driving career later this week. Provided I can secure a little assistance from my parents, I'll be headed down to Indianapolis after my turkey dinner this Thursday night, and staying there through December 5. After a few days off, I'd get some runs with a trainer, and after a month of that, I'd become what they call a "first-seat" driver for an Arkansas-based carrier.

Back in February, I passed up a chance to jump into a truck-driving career, the reason being that I wanted to give (a) living with my parents and (b) the search for a boyfriend a chance. Well, the experiment with the parents officially failed July 1, and after my most recent relationship, I can't bring myself to give a rat's ass about finding companionship. I mean, I'm talking to a couple people, and I might be meeting one of them informally later this week, but I'm putting no real effort into it for a while. If one of these guys wants me, they'll do way more to show it than "Bitch Boy" ever did. Point is, the lifestyle of a truck driver is less daunting to me now than it was earlier this year; in fact, it might be quite welcome.

I was just going through this section's calendar of updates, and had a thought. This is only the sixth time I've made an update here since March 1. For as fast as I was going last December (19 updates in a single month!), I'm going just as slow now, I guess. And while we're on the topic of this site's history, I might as well mention it now: Saturday will mark the third birthday of Larry's Phat Page, in all its various incarnations and homes on the Internet. I wrote a lot more ballyhoo about the birthday, as well as a history of the site, in my November 30, 2000 update; so instead of re-stating that here, go to that page and read it.