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«  Wed.08.15.2001  »
3:33 pm EDT        79°F (26°C) in metro Detroit
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I'm just stopping in to make a quick update, as I have to hop in the shower and get ready to go to work in a few minutes. I just wanted to talk about a couple random subjects that have come across my mind since my last update.

First, as I was working yesterday, and being subjected to the same music being played by our lovely Detroit FM radio stations, I came to a conclusion you may find either humorous or sad. All you need is about 25 songs — among which must be "Space Between" and "It's Not Easy" by the Dave Matthews Band, "When It's Over" by Sugar Ray, and an overload of Destiny's Child — and a good radio transmitter/antenna, and you can run a successful Detroit FM station from your very own home! (The fact that FCC will shoot you down notwithstanding.)

Secondly — well, this is more an experience than a thought. I had a near-miss on the highway last night. I was going to Ann Arbor to visit Nym, and was driving southbound on US-23 near Pinckney, when I saw a pickup swerve in front of me. With the darkness and lack of reflectors in that stretch, I almost failed to see it myself — a car sideways, and without lights, just sitting in the left lane. I'm just lucky I was in the right lane at the time, and escaped with nothing more than a figurative shitting of my pants. So, whatever you do on the highways, please be careful; you never know what might happen.