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As promised yesterday, I am back to once again show how so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” are completely and hopelessly insane, and represent the greatest threat faced by America and the civilized world today. Many things have happened lately to prove me right, and I’m going to waste no time in laying out the truth.

Last Wednesday in Texas, Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2001 murder of her five children. Given the evidence that came forth at trial, the jury’s verdict can only mean one thing: “fundamentalist ‘Christianity’” is insanity in and of itself. Yates had claimed on a videotape that she felt she had to kill the children because one of them would become a serial killer and another a “mute homosexual prostitute,” saying that all five of them would be condemned to hell if she didn’t kill them before they reached 10 years of age. She had had such crazy ideas planted in her head at least partially by “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” preacher Michael Peter Woroniecki.

If we read the Bible, specifically Exodus 20:13, we find that one of the Ten Commandments is “thou shalt not kill.” For some reason, the “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” under whose sway Andrea Yates fell apparently think “Christians” can ignore God’s Commandments as they please — it’s OK in their book to kill your own child if you even get this crazy idea he might end up gay, much less mute and a prostitute! It was Andrea Yates’ “fundamentalist ‘Christianity’” that led her to commit this crime — she knew what she was doing, as evidenced by the fact that she waited until her husband left home to kill the children — and the jury has just confirmed what anybody with a brain has long known: the evangelical “fundamentalist” form of “Christianity” is insanity.

In fact, many of its adherents are so insane that they are now trying to claim that all the hubbub over actor Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic rants during his DUI arrest last Friday morning represents some kind of “anti-‘Christian’ crusade.” Obviously Gibson is a hero to them for his role in making The Passion of the Christ, but he showed himself to be the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler with his remark to the arresting officer that “[the] fucking Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Yet, these so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” continue to idolatrously worship Gibson instead of God, and many of them steadfastly hold on to the insane belief that the whole thing is nothing more than “‘liberal’ Hollywood” exacting revenge on the actor for the box-office success of Passion! (Of course, you have to bear in mind that these people’s definition of “persecution” entails the mere existence of even one gay person, or Muslim, or atheist on the planet — that’s right, they think they’re being “persecuted” because it’s not legal to kill us yet!)

These “Christians” would quite literally worship Hitler if he were to be alive today rather than 70 years ago — they are proving that with responses like this to the Mel Gibson story. I suppose that’s not surprising, considering that Hitler himself knew he could use the extremist fervor of German “fundamentalists” in his quest for absolute power in the 1930s. We who truly follow the example of Christ — i.e., those who live by His commands to love all people unconditionally — acknowledge the Jewish community as our forefathers in faith, and our brothers and sisters in God’s wondrous Creation. People who have to make such a show of their “Christianity” — i.e., “fundamentalists” — believe in their heart of hearts that Jews who do not convert to Christianity are doomed to hell, and Mel Gibson’s remarks during his arrest make that stunningly obvious. In that regard, “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” are every bit the equal of fanatical Islamic terrorists who want to enforce a convert-or-die mentality on the entire world.

(Let’s not forget that in addition to being a crazy anti-Semite, Mel Gibson is a raging homophobe as well. During an interview some years ago, when asked about homosexuality, he stood up, pointed to his buttocks, and said, “See this? That’s only for taking a shit.”)

On a somewhat-related topic, after 15 years of being a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan, I have to announce that because of this event held last Thursday at Turner Field, I will never again deign to give a flying fuck about the team. The Braves have basically bashed all of their gay fans by doing what they did: not only staging a “Faith Day” in hopes of getting “fundamentalists” to attend the game, but most shockingly, allowing James Dobson’s anti-Christian hate organization “Focus on the Family” to distribute anti-gay hate literature to all fans entering Turner Field!

Frankly, if the Braves had merely designated Thursday’s game against the Florida Marlins as “Faith Day” and left it at that, I wouldn’t even be giving this any thought at all. It is the decision to let Focus on the Anus (apologies to Pam Spaulding for stealing her name for the anti-Christian hate group) distribute its “gift packets” that is appalling, unconscionable, and unforgivable. General manager John Schuerholz and manager Bobby Cox can go fuck themselves in hell, and they will of course be led there by pitcher John Smoltz, who in Rick Satan-torum fashion said, “What’s next? Marrying an animal?” when asked about same-sex marriage in 2004. Now it’s up to the Cleveland Indians, my other favorite baseball team, to demonstrate that they are not a bunch of anti-Christian savages like the Braves are.

I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about the fact that Jesus Christ never uttered one word about homosexuality. These people have an unhealthy fixation on God’s gay and lesbian children, and I think the only logical explanation for this fixation is that they need to create an enemy, a “them,” in order for their anti-Christian behavior to gain any traction in society. The only place they can possibly come up with most of what they spout about gay people is from several feet up their asses — so much of it is not only untrue, but completely and utterly laughable to anybody with even an ounce of critical-thinking ability.

As a perfect example, let’s examine the bullshit they pass off as “truth” on the origins and/or “causes” of homosexuality, specifically male homosexuality. (Most of them really don’t say a whole lot about lesbians for some reason — this probably jibes with the unrelated, but equally laughable notion that women are somehow “less” than men.) A lot of them base this bullshit on the thoroughly debunked pseudo-“science” of crackpot Joseph Nicolosi, who runs a hate center called the National Association for the Research and “Treatment” of Homosexuality (NARTH). In Nicolosi’s hate-addled imagination, young boys who don’t “separate” from their mothers and begin to identify with their fathers are at “risk” of becoming “pre-homosexual”; he theorizes (read: pulls it out of his ass) that this can be caused by the father being distant, cold, or unavailable. Therefore, the next thing he pulls out of his ass is that any hurt a boy feels in relation to his father is what causes male homosexuality.

We know that this is pure, unadulterated bullshit simply by knowing anything at all about the early childhoods of any boys and men we know. If this were the case — that any kind of early-childhood perception of hurt related to the father in a boy, if not corrected, causes homosexuality in adulthood — easily 30% of all men would be gay, and we would have a shitload of trouble keeping the species propagated. Hell, if there were even a shred of truth in Nicolosi’s ramblings, I wouldn’t even be alive today because my father would be the flamiest gay man on the planet — I saw firsthand how emotionally distant my paternal grandfather could be during the first 13 or so years of my life (until he developed Alzheimer’s); I saw how my grandfather continued to treat my father like a six-year-old well into my father’s 40s; and I’ve heard a million stories about how my grandfather would put my father down over the stupidest things, like painting walls!

Seriously, if emotional distance from his father causes a boy to become gay, there is no way in hell my father would have been married to my mother for 33 years with two kids. He would be the gayest man on earth if there was any truth at all in NARTH’s hate-motivated horse shit. My father was a hundred times closer to me, involving himself in a positive way in all kinds of my childhood activities, and yet I still turned out gay. That, and the fact that I have one out lesbian aunt (and probably another one who is still closeted), should be all the proof one needs that homosexuality is genetic — it clearly runs in my family, for sure.

(No disrespect is intended to my lesbian readership by my failure to examine “fundamentalist” bullshit as it relates to lesbians. As I pointed out above, they tend to ignore lesbians, so the “fundamentalist” literature on women is quite a bit harder to track down. Additionally, one has to bear in mind that, being a guy and therefore having the male perspective, I both (a) understand exactly what they’re trying to suggest about the male experience, and (b) don’t have that kind of experiential understanding of female sexuality and how it develops. Unlike “fundamentalist ‘Christians’,” I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on something one has to experience oneself to truly understand and be able to relate.)

I’m done ranting for tonight. I’m going to head down into Pennsylvania, southwest of Philadelphia, tonight to go pick up a load bound for Kentucky. I should be there on Thursday afternoon.