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I’ve been all over the eastern United States in the six days since my last update. As I mentioned, I went from New Jersey to Kentucky from Tuesday to Thursday; after that, I picked up on Thursday night in Louisville, KY, and went to northern Virginia on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night, I went down into southern Virginia to get this current load, which is headed to upstate New York for any old time I feel like delivering today.

Meanwhile, the blogosphere has been abuzz with yet more proof of what I said last Tuesday; namely, another illustration of just how unhinged, insane, and truly dangerous so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” are. The story was first broken by Joe Brummer at Replace the Lies with TRUTH and Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend on Wednesday, and has been developing further ever since. It started when Guy Adams, one of the deputy directors of a group called “Renew America” which is run by well-known shit-for-brains Alan Keyes, posted a comment on fellow Christofascist Stacy Harp’s blog as follows.

Dear bloggers, It is important to separate the person from the behavior and let God judge the person. Having said that, we must now devote our attention to the greatest danger facing America since possibly the Civil War — the homosexual agenda. Why is this dangerous? Because it threatens the established morality that has proved stable over thousands of years and esp because of the ensuing “hate-speech” laws that can effectively silence the Church. That is what the gays want. They want to silence any and all opposition to their perverted lifestyle and most of this opposition comes from the Church at large. I urge you to stay tuned for Stacy’s updates in this area as she is quite informed about it. Others are [Ed.: URLs of other “fundamentalist” propaganda sites removed] among others. But first and foremost, GET INVOLVED! All that takes is a few minutes of your time every week or two to call your Senators and Representatives and let them know that if they vote for pro-gay legislation, then you will not vote for them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease — always.

This is the most sickening and frankly frightening “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” Nazi-style propaganda I have ever seen. According to Guy Adams, homosexuality is the greatest threat to America since the Civil War. You think that’s bad? Try this on for size. (That link goes to an MP3 audio file of Adams appearing on Harp’s radio program.)

Anyway … we were talking about homosexuality and basically about how a lot of homosexuals are beginning to have sex with animals and infants …

Infants? INFANTS? I don’t know what kind of a sick, perverted, Satan-loving mind could even begin to conceive of having sex with infants, but obviously, Guy Adams is all of the above. This man is in severe need of massive psychological help if that thought even begins to cross his mind, even in the context of trying to demonize God’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children with such an outlandish, insane claim.

Are you done spraying the Lysol on your screen yet? Get it back out, because there’s even more to this that will shortly have you running to the nearest toilet to puke. (Don’t worry, I’ll be right here after you finish. wink) Once Brummer confronted Adams via e-mail about the aforementioned figments of Adams’ sick, twisted imagination, Adams sent Brummer four e-mails within 20 minutes early Friday morning. Here are some of the gems from those messages:

What’s your point Joe? It sex with babies the truth; it IS happening, so what’s your point?

YOU brought this war to me and I will finish it.

[A]t the end of the day, I have been placed at war with your likes, and that was YOUR choice. In other words, I declare war against you and your kind.

The war is on. As Reagan said: We win, you lose. Understand that quite well, because in a true war (unlike Iraq), all means available to me will be used.

What is truly frightening about all of this is that Guy Adams is, in his day job, a deputy sheriff for Cook County, Illinois (which is the county that includes the city of Chicago). This is not just any man, this is a sworn law enforcement officer who has a license to carry a weapon as part of his daily activities! There is no way in hell that such a depraved, mentally ill individual should ever be allowed to come anywhere near a deadly weapon. I mean, good God, if you’re gay, you honestly had better worry that Guy Adams is going to shoot you when he pulls you over on the Tri-State Tollway!

Guy Adams must lose his job, or at least his license to carry a firearm, after demonstrating in this whole exchange that he would have no hesitation to use his power as a sworn law enforcement officer to declare war on “our kind” with “all means available.” This is up to you and me. If you read this at all, I fully expect you to call (312) 443-5500 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Central Time Monday-Friday, and demand that Guy Adams be relieved of his duties and his sidearm by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. It may also be a good idea to bombard with e-mails demanding that Adams be fired immediately.

What I said in this space on June 9 is being shown now to be true:

As so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” begin to realize that the King Chimpy mis-administration is playing them and their anti-Christian prejudices for a bunch of fools, they will turn rabidly violent. … We will be burying thousands of future Matthew Shepards if religiously-motivated beatings and murders of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are not severely punished and fiercely condemned by those in positions of power and influence.

This is exactly what Guy Adams is after — a war on God’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children. He has openly said as much with this declaration of war. This is not a war that we GLBT wanted at all — all we want is to live our lives in peace, with equal rights and without fear of being beaten or killed for our God-given sexuality — but it is a war we must fight and win. If Guy Adams wants war, those of us who have the Constitution and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on our side must give it to him a hundred times beyond what he can handle.

Let us also not forget the huge spike in anti-gay hate crimes lately, including the brutal baseball-bat bashing and stabbing of three men leaving San Diego Pride and the trashing of the house owned by a lesbian couple in Maine in which a 12-year-old boy defecated on the floor. (Thankfully, the lesbian couple was not home at the time this occurred.) These are acts of the war that has been declared upon us by Guy Adams and Alan Keyes, and if they are not stopped by any means necessary, such hate crimes will continue to surge and will get even more brutal in nature.

We also must arm ourselves for this war. By reading this, you are already arming yourself with information that may help you, but we as a community must start to do more. Whenever possible, we GLBT people should begin to arm ourselves with weapons as well, especially when we are going to any kind of gay-related business or function such as bookstores, bars, and Pride events. A small can of Mace or a four-inch (10 cm) knife is easy enough to conceal in clothing, and if anybody starts to fuck with you, is an effective deterrent against physical violence. Those who are over 21 and have a clean background may want to consider obtaining a concealed-carry permit and packing a .22 or other small handgun; this exercise of your Second Amendment rights will virtually guarantee your safety as an out gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person.

I’m convinced that these Christofascist terrorists who have no compunctions about beating or killing us are not going to learn until several of them lose their own lives in high-profile thwartings of attempted gay-bashings. These are people who have absolutely no regard for the lives of God’s GLBT children, or for that matter most any life that has emerged from the womb, and reason and logic simply will not work with them. They need to get the idea into their tiny, closed minds that if they try to bash a gay person, that gays will bash back and even kill them in self-defense — but only in direct self-defense. I am only advocating the use of weapons in direct self-defense (i.e., when faced with a dire and imminent threat), not in revenge or pre-emption, as self-defense is perfectly legal, while revenge or pre-emption will land your ass in jail.

That’s it for tonight. Remember, your job is to get on the phone and light up the switchboards at (312) 443-5500 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm CDT all week long, until this anti-Christian, Satan-worshipping piece of shit Guy Adams is out of a job.