News and Notes

« Thu.07.29.1999 »

I have finally made it to my last day at Arbor. Shit, back in mid-June, I didn't even think I would make it this long. Somehow I've survived a real-life version of Life With Mikey. In any case, I will start moving up to 3-4 bus shifts a week next week.

My neighborhood has been struck by two power outages in the last six days. After the storms last Friday, we were offline for about 24 hours. Then, on Tuesday night, two lines jumped out of their plastic spacers, touched each other, and got hot enough to melt insulation and cause a short circuit. We didn't get back on until about 10:00am Wednesday. My neighbor's A/C compressor seems to have been damaged by the no-power or low-power situation; I had to investigate yesterday afternoon.

The new MGM Grand Detroit casino opens today. I am proud for the city of Detroit that city leaders are finally realizing a goal they have had for so long. I am hopeful that in the future, the three casinos will be a part of the resurgence of the city. Not that I will -- or legally can until I'm 21 -- go down and gamble myself, but I do believe that the presence of casinos will be good for the city.