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« Fri.07.23.1999 »

Somehow, I've survived until late July. If I can only make it another five weeks, everything will kick ass.

My last day at Arbor will be next Thursday, July 29. After I leave Arbor, I'm going to move up to three bus shifts a week. Speaking of the buses, I'm leaving about a half-hour after I write this to do a Northwood run.

I've given up on this computer's sound ever coming back. I've decided that I will keep it, at least for now, but its replacement is highly on my mind. Perhaps I'll pull something off later this year -- November- or December-ish, possibly. It remains to be seen.

This upcoming Monday will be the third anniversary of the beginning of another important trip in my life -- the trip to Atlanta for the 1996 Summer Olympics. While there, I saw Canada's Donovan Bailey break the world record in the 100m dash with a time of 9.84 seconds. (That record has since been broken by the U.S.'s Maurice Greene, who ran a 9.79 back in June.) I was there on the night of the bomb, although I was three blocks away and 20 floors up and didn't feel a thing. I did hear a noise, but it wasn't until the next morning that I had any idea it was a bomb, though. In any case, I also saw volleyball, water polo, and women's gymnastics (my seat for the gymnastics was 20 rows from the roof of the Georgia Dome, and still cost $120!), as well as visiting some Atlanta landmarks. Three days later, on July 29, I returned home. I would miss both Kerri Strug's broken-ankle heroics and Michael Johnson's 200m dash world record by less than three days, although I still caught both on TV. But -- it would have kicked ass to have been there for those.