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8:44 am EDT        60°F (16°C) in Lancaster, NY

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I don't have a ton to report here, but I don't like to let this thing go too long between updates. I am not usually awake at this hour, but this morning's 5:15 am delivery appointment has my logbook so discombobulated that I happen to have a couple hours on my hands before I can move the truck anywhere.

As of Wednesday afternoon, I'm officially bankrupt — woo hoo. My hearing before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court trustee was rather simple, in fact; I merely had to answer roughly 15 questions, the majority of them being of the yes-or-no variety, and it only took about two minutes. My attorney asked several of them in lieu of the trustee, and the trustee proceeded to ask a few more of his own. The entire process took place in a medium-sized conference room; a total of 18 debtors were present, with the cases heard one at a time. A few people were there seeking Chapter 11 (company reorganization) relief, including one gentleman whose case took almost a half-hour to hear; but the majority of the debtors had filed Chapter 7 (personal liquidation) cases. In any case, I should be receiving a notice that my debts have been discharged within a few months.

I'm off to Kentucky for a Monday morning delivery …