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2:03 pm EDT        81°F (27°C) in Jackson, GA

Calendar of Updates

Like my last update, I again don't have a lot to pass along here. However, that update was two weeks old and rather stale. Basically, it's been two weeks of a lot of driving, including several paycheck-killer overnight trips, and not too much else. To top that off, I'm beginning to find that certain people at the company have no grasp of the realities of the road; most normal people would realize you can't make it 800-plus miles (through Chicago and across Ohio to boot) in less than 36 hours. Instead, these people turned the whole matter into what seemed to be a threat to my job; "we have to bring you in here to discuss this," as if they're talking to a 12-year-old. Even better yet, the person who is supposed to be my direct point of contact just decided he was going to cut and run when I told them I couldn't make the trip in their prescribed time frame.

Well, I'm off to sunny South Florida for a Monday morning delivery.