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10:50 pm EDT        35°F (2°C) in North Platte, NE

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Since I headed out last Friday afternoon, I've been exceedingly busy with driving. I was sent first to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, then to Texas, and now up to Nebraska. I have to head over to Lincoln to turn in my old truck — the company leases instead of buying, and this truck's lease is coming up — and put all my stuff into a newer, though still used, truck.

I figure that once I'm in the new truck, which should be by late tomorrow night, I am going to ask to head to the Pacific Northwest, perhaps to Oregon or Washington state. I have never been out that way, and one of the things I love the most about driving a truck is the ability to see all different parts of the country. To a limited extent, I can ask to go to a certain place, but that is completely dependent on a number of factors, the most obvious of which is freight trends. Simply stated, if they have no freight going there, I'm not going there.

I'll write a bit more here when I have the time. I have a lot of things on my mind, but not the time to write a whole lot of them here.