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11:30 am EST        42°F (6°C) in Dearborn, MI

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A quick update regarding one of my reasons for getting some home time: Earlier this morning, I had my pre-trial hearing in the matter of one of my old credit-card creditors suing me. Both the plaintiff's attorney and the magistrate who was present had received a copy of my letter to the court, stating that I plan to file for bankruptcy, and pretty much knew that no judgment could be handed down today. The matter has been adjourned to June 21, pending my bankruptcy attorney getting my filing down to the Eastern District of Michigan U.S. Bankruptcy Court in downtown Detroit. So long as he has that in within a month or so, the suit may even end up being dismissed entirely.

If anybody who reads this has any idea at all, I'm looking for the name of the font I used to create the upper graphics on this site. (On this page, we're talking about the graphics that say "larry's phat page" and "what's new (life).") Please e-mail me if you have any clue.