News and Notes

« Sun.03.14.1999 »

Went to last night's hockey game against Bowling Green here at Yost; it was a 9-3 Michigan win. The game couldn't have been better, with Jamie (Disco) Nix performing his final dance for the Yost crowd, and a huge fight with 2:51 left in the 3rd period. U-M's Bob Gassoff was beating the living shit of BGSU's Dennis Williams when Williams was tackled by a linesman. So, what do you think Gassoff did? He went after the linesman! Needless to say, he was tossed and will miss next Friday's game at Joe Louis Arena against the hated Ohio State Suckeyes. Bobby Hayes received a 10-minute misconduct penalty for his part, and several other players received double minors for roughing. Unfortunately, Blue third-string goalie Greg Daddario didn't get to play in his final home game, but that may have been the only thing marring an otherwise kick-ass game.

Also, during pre-game warmups, one of my cheers was heard by a BGSU player. I shouted "THE PRICE IS WRONG, BITCH!" to Falcon captain Dan Price as he was leaving the ice; he heard me, turned around, and laughed. I also yelled a few things at a BGSU player whose last name was Ham, telling him that he went well with mustard, or that he belonged on rye. With Ham and Lake Superior State forward Jeff Cheeseman, we could have the CCHA All-Sandwich Team.