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2:57 am EST        37°F (3°C) in Louisville, TN

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Betcha didn’t know Louisville was this close to Knoxville, did you? wink In fact, it seems to be barely a stone’s throw from K-town, just north of Alcoa along U.S. Route 129. This is obviously a much smaller town than the large, well-known city of the same name in Kentucky, but nonetheless, it exists and I’m getting unloaded there.

Among my usual huge stack of mail that awaited me on my last home time was a DVD of the documentary film Jesus Camp. I had pre-ordered it from at Christmas with the Borders gift card I received; it was released in late January, just after the home time I took in that month, and arrived a few days after I had returned to the road. In the wee hours of this past Saturday, just after I made my last update to this site, I began watching the movie. I have yet to finish it, but I have seen probably the first half of it non-stop, and I have also been jumping around to a few later scenes.

Honestly, for me to try to write a review of Jesus Camp would hardly do justice to the movie’s hugely important message. Rather, what I am going to do when I find the time is watch the movie all the way through, and sort of “live-blog” the more interesting events, pausing the movie as necessary to write about all the various hypocrisies, child abuses, exhibitions of probable mental retardation (which they call “speaking in tongues”), and other insanities of the so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” featured in the film. Just to give you a taste of what I’m talking about, I’ll be pointing out things like a morbidly obese youth pastor’s claim that “we’ve got too many ‘Christian’ grown-ups that are fat and lazy!” — and that’s hardly even the best of it.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have that kind of time — several hours, uninterrupted — tonight. That, and further updates to this section, will have to wait for another time.