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11:36 pm EST        54°F (12°C) in Gary, IN

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In the not quite four days since my last update, I have done little but sleep and drive. For some reason I can’t even begin to fathom, I was sent 540 miles (870 km) empty to get another load — from Louisville, TN, I was sent all the way to Baltimore, MD! I’m not sure what this says about my company; I have to wonder if they are REALLY hurting for freight to haul, especially in the Southeast. Then again, it could just mean they got more than they could handle in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region — but it still isn’t very profitable to deadhead 540 miles, not earning one red cent, for a 720-mile (1,160 km) load. In any event, said load of one of my friend Marc’s obsessions (“it’s not just virgin, it’s EXTRA VIRGIN” olive oil) delivered outside Chicago this morning, and I’m now on my way back east.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the Big Ten basketball tournament in the last couple of days. Earlier today, Michigan was eliminated by top-seeded Ohio State, probably relegating the Blue hoopsters to the NIT for the umpteenth straight year. As we know from football, though, Michigan athletic director Bill Martin obviously lacks testicles when it comes to dealing with under-performing coaches. Despite the expectations for the Wolverines to reach the NCAA tournament this year, Tommy Amaker is no doubt safe in his job as the basketball coach at Michigan. Just like it’s fine and dandy with Martin for the football team to beat everybody but Ohio State and bowl opponents, there obviously isn’t a problem with the basketball team losing just about every road game, going 1-8 against the top 50 in the RPI, and shooting 28% from the field against the worst team in the conference — right? Right.

Speaking of the right, or more accurately the Reich wing, there is apparently no problem with calling anybody you don’t like a “faggot” — because after all, it’s apparently just “a schoolyard taunt,” according to a certain sub-human life form (which shall not be named here, since it is just an attention whore) revered by Reich-wingers. Funny, then, that this “schoolyard taunt” has been at the center of the surge of anti-gay hate crimes predicted by yours truly in the wake of the filthy, indecent TV ads put out by Mars, Inc.. Last month, a 72-year-old Detroit man, Andrew Anthos, was beaten to death with a pipe by an attacker calling him “faggot.” A 21-year-old lesbian in Boulder, CO, was beaten by two men, and an entire group of a capella singers from Yale University was beaten — in San Francisco, no less! — by thugs screaming “faggot” at them. Yeah, some “schoolyard taunt.”

Well, this is a “schoolyard taunt,” too. If I ever come anywhere near that thing with the huge Adam’s apple, it will be beaten badly, hopefully to the point where it dies. But you know what, saying that “isn’t offensive to [… and] has nothing to do with” Hitler-worshipping conservative pieces of shit like that thing. Yep, just another “schoolyard taunt.”

I have a recommendation to make to a certain ABC radio reporter. If I were Pam Coulter, who works in the Washington bureau of ABC and can frequently be heard on ABC-affiliated radio stations, I would change my name so as to remove any possibility of confusion with the aforementioned Neanderthal cunt attention whore who shares that surname. Unlike that worthless waste of dog shit, Pam Coulter is actually a decent, respectable person and a fine reporter, and I would hate to think that people would confuse her with the re-incarnation of Adolf Hitler. Just a suggestion. wink

Lately, I’ve also been giving some thought to what can be done to save the future of our democracy. Obviously, democracy will die if the Rethuglicans steal one more presidential election next year; I would rather not even think about that possibility, though. Let’s assume we get a President Obama next year, which is what I’m hoping for; it occurred to me the other day that, if he serves two terms, he may very well get to nominate as many as six Supreme Court justices. Obviously, John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be the first to go, considering Stevens’ advanced age (86) and Ginsburg’s questionable health; but Obama, should he be elected to the White House, will get a real chance to save America from the Reich-wing forces of destruction.

These may not necessarily come until a second Obama term begins in 2013, but I think we’ll certainly see the retirements of Anthony Kennedy and Supreme Injustice Antonin Scalia, who will both turn 77 within six months of Obama’s re-inauguration. Both Kennedy and Scalia are conservatives, Scalia famously much more so, and replacing them with 40- or 50-something reliable progressives will go a long way toward eliminating the destructive influence Christofascist terrorists currently hold over our government. Additionally, he can shore up the liberal base if Stephen Breyer and David Souter retire; Breyer will be 74, and Souter 73, on what I hope to God will be Barack Obama’s second inaugural. At the very least, Obama can insure a solidly progressive 6-3 Supreme Court if he does his homework and nominates reliable progressives — and if Senate Democrats find the testicles to get tough with obstructionist Rethuglican Christofascist terrorists hell-bent on destroying our democracy.

Even so, there will still be three conservatives left on the Court, none of whom will be older than 68 (Clarence Thomas), on January 20, 2017. Chief Justice John Roberts will turn 62 a week into the following President’s term, and Samuel Alito will turn 67 within that future President’s first 100 days. We will in all likelihood have to elect another Democratic President in 2016, and re-elect him/her in 2020, in order to safeguard America’s promise of liberty and justice for all for generations to come; even so, we could very well be stuck with Roberts until the better part of 2030. This, my friends, is why we’ll be kicking ourselves for decades to come over our failure to take to the streets in armed insurrection after the theft of the 2000 election.

Some possible Rethuglican strategery also occurred to me. If, at the end of the Court’s 2007-08 term, the upcoming Presidential election is looking like a real landslide for the Democratic nominee, I would be willing to bet that Scalia retires, hoping that Chimpy can replace him. Should this happen, it is the patriotic duty of all Senate Democrats to either filibuster or reject anybody Chimpy nominates — we already know, from the Roberts and Alito nominations, that it’s going to be another pro-corporate, anti-family stooge, and quite possibly also a Christofascist terrorist who will shred the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments. This must be stopped no matter the cost. Of course, this assumes that Stevens and Ginsburg hold on until at least January 20, 2009; if that doesn’t happen, kiss America as we have known it goodbye.

Well, that’s it for tonight. This is a nice easy load for the weekend, so maybe we’ll see if I can’t get going on my promised Jesus Camp project.