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«  Thu.02.08.2001  »
12:10 am EST        31°F (-1°C) in Dearborn
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Life has been more of the same old, same old in the last few days. I went out applying for a few more jobs today, and other than that didn't do too much.

I have a couple of news items regarding the site that I wanted to mention here. As you can see, this News section was re-opened to the public Tuesday night. Additionally, I will be doing some renovations to the "Me" section of the site in the near future.

It looks like I will have a busy weekend coming up. There is a hockey series Friday and Saturday nights, and February's Animania screening is being held Saturday evening. I am thinking about leaving Friday evening, spending the night in Pat's building, and returning late Saturday night after Animania. My father is going to nix that plan in all likelihood, so I'll probably end up making a round trip each night. (That's fine with me too — the old man's buying my gasoline anyway. )

I can't think of much else to write ... Anyway, I think I'm going to turn in for the night.