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«  Sun.02.11.2001  »
10:25 pm EST        22°F (-6°C) in Dearborn
Calendar of Updates

As I predicted, the last few days have been quite busy. They were so busy, in fact, that I haven't had a chance to make an update since Thursday.

Not too much happened Thursday; it was another "stay around the house and don't do too much" day. I did get a phone call which turned into a Friday morning job interview with a local charter-bus company. (Until I'm certain I have the job, and I've begun training, I will withhold the name of the company.) It does look pretty good, though; I was sent for a DOT physical and drug screen at this company's expense later Friday afternoon. After that, I went back home for a while before heading out to Belleville to get Rob, and taking him to Ann Arbor. I returned home after the hockey game.

Yesterday, I woke up just in time for a 10:30 am phone interview with a national over-the-road trucking company. I slept a while longer after the interview concluded, finally getting up around noon. Later, I had to go switch cars with my sister before going to a Saturn dealership to look at new cars; from there, I proceeded to the hockey game. After that, I went to get dinner before returning to Animania; I watched about 20 minutes of Initial D before taking Rob back home. Finally, I didn't do much today, except for one short errand and a little work in the yard.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to Indian Trails' recruitment day. You may remember my having mentioned Indian Trails in this section back in late November; this time around, I'm 21 and can actually be hired. I'm not going to quit searching for jobs until I'm sure I've found the right fit, in terms of hours worked, salary and benefits, and ability to move out of my parents' house and buy a car.

Before I end this update, I wanted to talk about cars for a moment. After some additional research on cars in the sub-$15,000 range, I'm now very interested in the Nissan Sentra GXE. Among all the vehicles I've thoroughly checked out, it seems to be the best combination of purchase price, equipment, and cost of ownership (i.e., it's not obscenely expensive to insure). I am thinking that I'll go to the nearest Nissan dealership some day soon and check that car out.

Anyway, I've got to be up early tomorrow morning, and I need my sleep.