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I haven’t talked much about politics in my recent updates, simply because what I have been saying all along has been shown to be true: that Democrats have no testicles. The coronation “hearings” for Wacko Satanic Anti-American Righty Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito over the last few days have done nothing if not prove that when it comes to defending America from the right-most fringes of the wrong wing, Democrats just roll over and cower in fear. Where were the tough questions? Where was a rebuke of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) for his political showboating in asking Alito a question he intended to answer himself? Why was the “your questioning made his wife cry” episode not loudly exposed as the fraudulent Karl Rove-directed bit of acting it was?

I hate to sound like Kansas-based “preacher” Fred Phelps, but I think he may (partially) be on to something — with flawed reasoning, of course. I’m starting to wonder if all of these soldier deaths, miner deaths, natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, etc., aren’t God’s punishment on (mostly red-state) America for electing officials whose actions stand 180° opposite those of the example of Christ. I mean, they all claimed Katrina was God’s wrath on New Orleans for “supporting homosexuality” or some such line of bullshit, but when the storm passed, the gay district of New Orleans — the French Quarter — was one of the few parts of the city left relatively unscathed. If Katrina was God’s wrath on anybody, it was the people who helped Louisiana’s state bigotry referendum pass in September 2004 with 78% support — this anti-Christian action of hatred would certainly draw God’s anger.

You know, the proof just keeps rolling in that Dumbya and the rest of his mis-administration (and their Rethuglican enablers in Congress) are the re-incarnation of the German Nazis, 70 years after the original group. Last night, on The Bulldog Manifesto, I read about a forthcoming book that will show proof that the towers of the World Trade Center were brought down through controlled demolitions, and not destroyed by airplanes crashing into the buildings as the government would have you believe. The Hidden History of 9-11-2001, by Prof. David Ray Griffin, will demonstrate 11 features of the building collapses that would only occur if strategically-placed explosives were used — that is to say, that it was a previously-planned controlled demolition.

Let’s see: destroying one of your best-known buildings, then blaming it on somebody else; naming, and then going after unpopular minority groups, calling them “enemies of the state”; using the whole thing as an excuse to go into wars of questionable (or zero) legality; crushing domestic dissent; passing laws with the word “patriot” featured prominently in their names, that really do nothing more than allow the government to spy on its citizens. Compare and contrast, shall we?

Adolf Hitler: check (the burning of the Reichstag building in Berlin in 1933, which most historians now believe was the work of the Nazis themselves) … check (who can forget the Jews, gays, and Gypsies) … check (World War II, from the German perspective in September 1939) … check … uhm, let’s see, check (the so-called “Decree for the Protection of Nation and State”). George W. Bush: check (WTC) … check, considering what he’s doing to gays … check (Iraq) … check … and, hmm, oh yeah, the “Patriot” Act, so check.

This is perhaps most scary: both the USA “Patriot” Act and Nazi Germany’s “Decree for the Protection of Nation and State” could only be passed through the respective legislative branches (the German parliament and the U.S. Congress) by including four-year “sunset” provisions that eliminated some of the laws’ most egregious violations of human freedom after four years had passed. Of course, those provisions held on as long as Hitler remained in charge in Germany, and we have seen how Dumbya is fighting tooth-and-nail to preserve them in this day and age. It’s almost impossible to believe, but in less than a lifetime — 60 years — the United States has gone from fighting fascist regimes, like Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, to being one.

I hate to think about what that fact will mean for our future. The United States under (mostly) Truman and Eisenhower was benevolent enough to help rebuild the one-time fascist states into functioning, thriving democracies after destroying the fascist regimes during the war. The thing is, can we Americans count on another nation to be so kind to us if and when our actions lead to World War III and the eventual defeat of our fascist regime? The British, or the French, or today’s Germans, or even the Canadians might not act in such a benevolent way toward us. Sadly, I fear, our utter annihilation in a war may be the only thing that, in the end, will save America and restore our Constitution.

I’m headed for Columbus, OH, with this current load, and it looks like I will be headed to Connecticut after that.