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3:49 am EST        26°F (-3°C) in Gary, IN

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For a change, my company has actually been doing a really good job of keeping me moving. Since last Friday afternoon in southwestern Pennsylvania, I have been out to Ohio, then back to the Lehigh Valley of extreme eastern Pennsylvania, and now I’m stopped for the night on the way to west-central Wisconsin. Following that delivery tomorrow night, I should be headed up toward the Twin Cities area of Minnesota to pick up a load that will take me all the way across the country to Bakersfield, CA.

We now have yet more proof that Dumbya and his apologists are unquestionably guilty of at least the attempted murder of American soldiers, if not even first-degree premeditated murder in some cases. This past Saturday, Soldiers for Truth reported that soldiers (or their families) who purchase their own body armor are being threatened with the loss of military life insurance benefits. Specifically, two soldiers who are preparing to be deployed to Dumbya’s oil “war” were told that if they died while wearing Pinnacle Dragon Skin body armor, their beneficiaries would be denied the $400,000 death benefits normally paid by Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI).

This, of course, comes on the heels of the release of a formerly secret Pentagon study that concluded that 80% of fatal torso wounds would have been prevented with adequate body armor. We have the Pentagon admitting here that it has failed to provide enough of the body armor our soldiers need, but at the same time, Donald Rumsfeld (an accessory to murder) is issuing directives to prohibit all commercially available body armor. This is … I can’t even think of words strong enough to describe how I feel about this.

What in the goddamn fucking hell are Rumsfeld and Dumbya thinking? They obviously WANT our soldiers dead, because soldier deaths suit their sickening, grotesque, anti-freedom personal and political agenda. These are the same people who constantly conflate opposition to the “war” with hatred of the fine men and women who serve our country, yet at the same time take steps to make it easier for their terrorist allies to kill our troops. The purchase of $6,000 Dragon Skin suits by soldiers and/or their families runs counter to Dumbya’s desire to have as many of our troops as possible killed in action, so as to further his totalitarian agenda.

It’s real simple for those of you who keep Dumbya’s “approval” rating as high as it is in the mid-30s: if you support this (never elected) president, by definition you support the murder of American soldiers. You are just as guilty for their deaths as the commander-in-chimp you support, and if I ruled the world, I would order all of you executed by firing squad — just like your Führer Dumbya. You may think that because you oppose abortion and “the homosexual menace,” and you support this president, that you are a good “Christian” and you’re bound for eternal life in heaven; but you’re sadly mistaken. Your support for this mis-administration (and its Rethuglican and, yes, even a few Democratic enablers) will condemn you to Hell for all of eternity.

How can you avoid eternal damnation? That’s likewise pretty simple — start following the example of Christ. The best place to start is Mark 12:31, where He laid out one of the two commandments that are greater than all others: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Allowing yourself to be guided by this simple commandment will profoundly impact the way you live. Continue with Luke 6:20-38, and be a channel of God’s desire for social justice and equality for all. Do not view Muslims or people of other faiths with contempt or “you can’t get into heaven”-style self-righteous pity; stop opposing simple basic human dignity and equality for gay and lesbian people, and invite these fellow children of God to join you in praising Him; work to improve the economic lot of the poor, both here in America and throughout the world — these actions will prove your worthiness to share in the kingdom of heaven, and you will be richly rewarded for them.