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I am about halfway through what looks like the final load I will run before Christmas. This load is headed a bit past home, up to Howell, MI, for a delivery late tonight; I will likely be headed home on Wednesday, and will then get eight days off. I have enough shit to do during the eight days: I desperately need a haircut, I need to renew my driver’s license (which is up for renewal on my 27th birthday next month), I need to get this piece-of-shit Gateway laptop sent in for repairs, I’ll be running around to see family members, and I’m hoping to be able to hook up with an old childhood friend I haven’t seen in 15 years.

Often times, we think of so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” extremism as being largely a Southern and Midwestern phenomenon; we have a tendency to think, “oh, it doesn’t happen in the Northeast, because everybody there is more liberal.” This story, from yesterday’s New York Times, makes it absolutely clear that this is not the case. Christofascist “teacher” David Paskiewicz (pass-KEV-ich), a 38-year-old history teacher at Kearny High School in Kearny, NJ (just 10 miles from New York City!), has been recorded on audio tape indoctrinating our children with his blatantly unconstitutional, fascist, anti-Christian world view. Among the statements taped by 16-year-old student Matthew LaClair are denials of the proven fact of evolution, implicit threats against non-Christian students, and an assertion that one particular Muslim girl would be sent to hell.

What is even more sickening about this whole story is how Matthew’s classmates and the people of Kearny are acting. As the Times article says, one former student of Paskiewicz’s who is still in his Kearny Baptist Church youth group has somehow twisted the facts 180 degrees to accuse Matthew of being the one who is “ignoring the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which gives every citizen the freedom of religion.” What Greice Coelho, ignorant so-called “Christian” that she is, is apparently too stupid to realize is that that very same First Amendment protects Matthew’s freedom of religion too — his right to be free from the so-called “Christian” indoctrination being shoved down his throat by his Christofascist history teacher.

It gets worse than that: anonymous Kearny residents have called for Matthew’s suspension, and at least one Kearny resident has threatened Matthew’s life. I mean, come on, that would be really Christian, to kill Matthew, wouldn’t it? Many students seem to be equally ignorant, with 15-year-old student Kyle Durkin saying “I’m on the teacher’s side all the way.” Meanwhile, Kearny resident Frank Viscuso, in typical Christofascist conservative fashion, blames supposedly “liberal” lawyers, claiming the LaClair family is just after fame instead of trying to save America from these neo-Nazis. Good Lord, if the Christofascists have this much power even in northern New Jersey, I can only imagine what a lock-tight grip they have on Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi.

For some reason, though, these very same so-called “Christians” have the unmitigated gall to claim that any less-than-100%-negative mention of homosexuality, even when only confined to sex education classes, is “indoctrinating children into a ‘homosexual lifestyle’.” How in the fucking hell can they make this claim when it has been PROVEN that THEY are the ones indoctrinating our children into their destructive, hateful, war-mongering, murderous deathstyle? If we don’t swiftly bring their campaign of world domination to a stop — if we don’t utterly annihilate so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christianity’” everywhere — we will be no better than Neville Chamberlain was in his decision-making about Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. It is high fucking time to start putting these so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” in their proper place — the lowest, hottest levels of Hell, very close to the true object of their worship, Satan.

David Paskiewicz’s teaching certificate must be IMMEDIATELY revoked by New Jersey’s state board of education, and his name must be put on a permanent blacklist so that he can never indoctrinate and threaten our children again. America’s children are guaranteed the absolute First Amendment right to be free from such indoctrination and harassment in our public schools, and Matthew LaClair has shown himself to be an amazingly courageous, Godly, and patriotic young man by standing up for that right. Those students and Kearny residents who disagree with him really ought to have their American citizenship stripped from them, since they clearly aren’t willing to accept what it means to be American, and they should be sent to live in the theocratic state they really want — they should be shipped off to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

As we approach the feast day celebrating the birth of Christ, we must remind ourselves of the perfect example of humility, love, peace, mercy, grace, and acceptance He set for us and demands us to follow. We must continue to expose the lies of so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” who pervert His message and profane His name in the most sickening ways with their war-mongering, gay-hating, Muslim-hating, Calvinist, “Christian”-supremacist ways. Their behavior, vis-a-vis the true Christianity of Christ in the Bible, is the most un-Godly perversion on earth today. They believe that if you just say that you’re “saved,” everything is all hunky-dory; but God knows that talk is cheap. Salvation is earned by following Christ’s example and letting your love-motivated actions speak for Christ — not by hating gays, forcibly proselytizing, and running your mouth about what a great “Christian” you are.

In closing this update, I will demonstrate an example of the behavior that I believe Christ expects from His followers, by wishing my Jewish readers a happy and joyous Hanukkah. (I know I’m a tad late, but here in the U.S., there are still 4½ days left in the eight-day celebration.) Despite all the false claims of “war on Christmas” from the Christofascists, it takes absolutely nothing away from a Christian to wish Jewish people a happy Hanukkah, or Muslims a blessed Ramadan, for example. So therefore, mazel tov and good night.