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3:58 am EST        17°F (-8°C) in Dearborn, MI

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I am coming up on the end of another home time here. In roughly 12 hours or so, I should be headed back out to the truck; I think I will be returning here for a day or possibly two right at Christmas.

I haven’t done a ton out of the ordinary, but I have done a couple of unusual and/or interesting things. On Sunday night, I went out to Ann Arbor to meet up with Marc for a while; for the most part, we just shot the shit and did dinner like usual, but I also spent a fair bit of time working on my NCAA Football 2005 skills on his Xbox.

Just to give you some idea of how sucktastic I am with that game, I couldn’t even score a point as Michigan against the #1 weakling of the Big Ten, Illinois (controlled by Marc), nor could I even score against the computer playing as Michigan State hosting Michigan. If I chose one of the top 10 teams in the country and had the computer play as some minor-conference cream puff, I could barely eke out a win, as evidenced by my 7-0 Miami Hurricanes victory over Eastern Michigan. Even worse yet, I couldn’t beat Marc until I forced him to play as Division I-AA Harvard (in the Ivy League, ferchrissakes!) against my Georgia Bulldogs; I won that game by a very deceptively large margin of 28-6, and I say that because it was 7-6 until reasonably late.

Yesterday afternoon, among my usual at-home errands, I ran around to a bunch of car dealerships to get brochures on a number of different vehicles for my parents. They are looking to get rid of their 1999 Ford Taurus, and my mother in particular has two different ideas in mind: either a fun but not terribly practical sports car of some sort, or some type of “crossover” that is like half car, half SUV. In all, I picked up books or brochures for the Subaru B9 Tribeca, the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Pacifica, the Saturn Vue and Relay, the Nissan Murano and 350Z, and the Lexus RX. I must say that I particularly liked the Murano, although I get the feeling my father wouldn’t exactly be inclined to spend $34,000 on one unless he checks it out and is damn well impressed by it — that is sort of big-bucks territory, after all.

I also had my own car checked out at a Midas location while I was out yesterday. I’m going to have to get a minor rear-brake job done on the wheel cylinders, but the brakes and suspension were otherwise given a clean bill of health today. I think I might still have a CV joint going bad, and I know I need tires pretty soon, but at least I have two fewer things on my mind now.