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8:39 pm EST        37°F (3°C) in Minooka, IL

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In the morning, I will be heading back up toward Chicago to pick up my next load. There was some miscommunication surrounding it; my company and I were both under the impression that it was supposed to pick up earlier today, but the shipping company didn't even have the product staged on their dock yet when I arrived. As such, I get to wait until morning.

For the first time in a while, I think I can say that there is nothing wrong with my truck. I ended up losing all of Saturday, most of Sunday, and Monday morning in the shop; the exhaust leak that I thought I had gotten fixed in mid-October apparently wasn't corrected at that time. This time, they replaced a couple of the clamps that secure various pipes to the turbocharger. So far, no noticeable smell has returned. Within hours of leaving the shop on Monday, I noticed that a light on my tractor had stopped working; 20 minutes of diagnosis by yours truly found that the problem was the bulb socket — it wasn't getting current through to the (perfectly fine) bulb. A visit to a Freightliner dealer's parts desk in Indiana, and the ensuing purchase of a $6 part, corrected the problem rather easily.

I think I will use the rest of tonight to go to the Wendy's a couple blocks down the road here, and then grab a shower. After I get the load tomorrow, it will be off to upstate New York.