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4:26 am EST        13°F (-11°C) in Peculiar, MO

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As usual, way too much shit has happened since the last time I got a chance to make an update here. The bids for all 28 college football bowl games were announced last evening, shortly after the BCS made its selections official, and a number of teams, including Michigan, got screwed. Ohio State did end up grabbing one of the two at-large BCS invitations, and will get to face the other at-large invitee, Notre Dame, in the Fiesta Bowl; that should have meant that everybody else in the Big Ten would move up one slot in the bowls from their order of finish in the conference, but fourth-place Michigan did not end up in the third-place bowl game.

Wisconsin, who finished third in the Big Ten (tied with three other teams at 5-3, but won the four-way tiebreaker with an overall record of 9-3), did get placed in the Capital One Bowl, as the Big Ten runner-up is supposed to be. After that, Michigan finished fourth (part of the same tie at 5-3, but after the Badgers were placed third and removed, Michigan beat both of the other two 5-3 teams on the field), but instead of getting the third-place bowl bid in the Outback Bowl, Michigan will be going to the Alamo Bowl to play Nebraska. The Wolverines were switched with fifth-place Iowa (who was likewise 5-3 in the conference, and beat the other 5-3 team Northwestern on the field to settle fifth and sixth places), who will instead be playing in the New Year’s Day bowl game in Tampa while Lloyd Carr gets to sit around the house that day. The rest of the Big Ten bowl bids went according to form: sixth-place Northwestern got the #5 bowl bid to the Sun Bowl, and seventh-place Minnesota, the last bowl-eligible team in the conference, got the sixth-place bid to the Music City Bowl. The Big Ten did not have an eighth bowl-eligible team to fill its seventh-place slot in the Motor City Bowl, so that space was instead awarded to Memphis from Conference USA.

A couple teams in the SEC, notably LSU, got screwed even worse. LSU won the SEC West division and played in the conference championship game, meaning that at worst, they should have been awarded the second-place SEC bid (which is in the Capital One Bowl against the Big Ten runner-up). Instead, they got what appears to be the fifth-place (!) SEC bowl bid, which is in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. Auburn was moved up one place from third (they had the best record among the non-title game participants) to get that Capital One Bowl slot against Wisconsin; meanwhile, 8-3 Florida, who could not conceivably have finished any better than fifth in the combined overall SEC regular-season standings, got the SEC’s third-place bid and will face Iowa in the Outback Bowl. Fourth-place Alabama should have received a better bowl bid than Florida (in terms of the #2, #3, #4, etc. ordering of the bids), but the Crimson Tide will play in the Cotton Bowl instead.

As you can see, it is ass-freezingly cold even here, 40 miles south of Kansas City. I have had to deal with another day and a half of snow and shit on my way down here from Wisconsin; spending a few hours Saturday going across a snow-covered Interstate 80 in Iowa was not fun at all. Thankfully, I don’t think I’ll have to encounter too much bad weather between here and home, although I must say I kinda feel like a fool now for getting a truck wash last week. wink

Well, it’s obviously quite late tonight, so I’m going to save my update where I reveal the lies of so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” for another time.