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11:56 pm EST        39°F (4°C) in Franklin Park, IL

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I'm back on the road after having spent five days at home this week, including the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm parked in this Chicago suburb awaiting an early-morning delivery of about one-fourth of this load, before the rest of it needs to be hauled to Iowa tomorrow. All in all, I enjoyed the time off, but I really kind of wish I had more of it.

Except for a few errands on Tuesday, dinner at my sister's house in Ann Arbor on Thursday, and a visit to my grandmother's house followed by a shopping trip on Friday, I really didn't do too much over the five-day break. Perhaps the most interesting thing to have happened since my last update (more accurately, for me to have first become aware of since that time) is the infamous brawl that occurred November 19 at the Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons NBA game; as of this past Friday, it was still a big-ticket news item in the Detroit media! That probably has more to do with the fact that law enforcement is still seeking some of the fans involved than the shock value of the incident, though.

I'd better be getting to sleep for the night …