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4:26 pm EST        60°F (16°C) in Dexter, MI

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I was supposed to be headed back out on the road today, but when I checked in with dispatch last night, I was told that there was nothing at all for me to do until at least tomorrow. I may check back with them later tonight, but I certainly don’t mind the extra day off either.

Since last year’s vote by the state’s Wacko Satanic Anti-American Righties to amend the Michigan Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage, Republican Attorney General Mike Cox has been one of the most fervent defenders of the unconstitutional denial of equal protection of the law to same-sex couples. This past week, Cox was revealed to be yet another of the thousands of anti-Christian “family values” and/or “morality” hypocrites and liars who dominate today’s GOP. On Wednesday, Cox admitted to having an affair with a woman he wouldn’t identify, one which he claimed occurred prior to his 2003 inauguration as Michigan’s Attorney General. This, of course, comes after the legal interpretation Cox issued in March stating that the provision of domestic-partner benefits for state employees was prohibited by the aforementioned amendment, even though the text of the unconstitutional amendment said absolutely nothing about extending employment benefits to same-sex domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees. (Just yet more proof that Republicans and Wacko Satanic Anti- American Righties like Cox won’t stop until we are completely wiped off the face of the earth.)

Clearly, Cox himself is now in violation of the Michigan Constitution, the document he took an oath in January 2003 to uphold. Since that document defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and Cox has gone beyond that in his “marriage,” the appropriate punishment would be the immediate annulment of Cox’s marriage to his wife Laura, and removal from the office of Attorney General for conduct that is in violation of the Michigan Constitution. Of course the double standard for Republican office-holders is alive and well, and nothing more than a bit of personal embarrassment is likely to come to Cox out of all of this; I mean, it’s perfectly fine to “defend” Michigan from the unthinkable demands by gay people to be given equal rights, while at the same time immorally cheating on your wife, right? (I mean, how DARE those immoral, satanic faggots expect not to be immediately marched off to the gas chambers?) I sure hope that after this, Cox is going to push for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of one man, one woman, and one mistress.

What’s even worse is that the bastard is using this to go after a potential political rival. Southfield-based attorney Geoffrey Fieger (pronunciation note: first syllable rhymes with “pie”), best known for his defense of assisted-suicide advocate and provider Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the 1990s and his subsequent ill-fated 1998 campaign for governor, has announced that he will likely seek the 2006 Democratic nomination to oppose Cox in the race for AG. Cox has been investigating Fieger amid allegations that Fieger illegally funneled anonymous money to a political action committee seeking the defeat of a state Supreme Court justice in last year’s election; Fieger, of course, denies the charges. Meanwhile, Cox is also alleging that he has only publicly revealed the affair to take away a tool of blackmail from Fieger — rumor has it Fieger was threatening to reveal the affair unless Cox ended his investigation of Fieger’s alleged political shenanigans. At the same time, it has also been revealed that Cox made a donation from his political action committee to the very same state Supreme Court justice that Fieger was hoping to unseat — which tells me that the whole thing is likely nothing more than a partisan battle in which Cox is using his position to carry on a witch hunt.

Shouldn’t state attorneys general be concerned with more weighty matters, such as tobacco settlements, consumer-protection laws, and the gas gouging that we know was occurring right after Hurricane Katrina? Instead, in true Rovian fashion, Mike Cox is wasting his time, and the taxpayers’ money, to discredit, defame, and slander his political rivals. Michigan voters, you must remember all of this come November 7, 2006 — if you don’t, I hold you criminally liable for the misuse of state funds spent in Cox’s partisan witch hunt.

Much of the eastern half of the country has been experiencing an extended “Indian summer” over the last few weeks, as unseasonable warmth has been holding on well into mid-November. This is about as long as I can remember the weather staying this warm; ordinarily, by now, many more-northerly locations have seen at least one snowfall, if not more than one right around the Great Lakes due to lake effect. The only snow event that I can recall so far this season was the one that occurred in higher terrain from Pennsylvania up through New England in late October, as Hurricane Wilma, Tropical Storm Alpha, and a continental low-pressure system all collided just off the eastern seaboard — and even that was a very minor snowfall, leaving no more than an inch (2.5 cm) or so below 2,500 ft. (762 m) elevation.

I never thought I would live to see the day when I would say this, but … GO GREEN! GO WHITE! BEAT ’EM UP, BEAT ’EM UP, RAH RAH RAH! Yes, I must bring myself to root for Moo U next Saturday when they host Penn State in their season finale. The final-week scenario in the Big Ten boils down to this: if Penn State beats Moo U, the Nittany Lions will go to their first BCS game in 11 years, but if Moo U beats Penn State, the game some 70 miles away in Ann Arbor — Ohio State at Michigan — becomes, in effect, the Big Ten championship game whose winner will get the conference’s BCS nod.

(If they beat Moo U to go 7-1 in the Big Ten, Penn State would win the title either (a) outright if Michigan beats Ohio State, or (b) through the head-to-head tiebreaker — PSU beat OSU earlier this year — if the Buckeyes win in Ann Arbor to also finish 7-1. If Penn State loses and finishes 6-2, then either (a) Ohio State wins outright by beating Michigan and being the only Big Ten team to finish 7-1, or (b) Michigan prevails in a three-way 6-2 tie by virtue of having beaten both PSU and OSU.)

Iowa’s 20-10 victory over Wisconsin yesterday in Madison kept the Wolverines alive in the race; had the Badgers won that game to finish 6-2 in the Big Ten themselves, Michigan would have at best ended up in a tiebreaker it could not win. Additionally, that victory by the Hawkeyes keeps the heat on Penn State; a Wisconsin win would have meant that Penn State could win the Big Ten title even by losing to Moo U, so long as Michigan beat Ohio State. (Wisconsin had already been eliminated from the race by virtue of losing to Penn State; even if the Badgers had won yesterday and Penn State went on to lose next weekend, making both of them 6-2, no potential tiebreaker scenario would go the Badgers’ way.)

Northwestern was also absolutely eliminated from title contention yesterday with its third Big Ten loss, 48-7 to the Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium, although I believe that even with a victory yesterday and a win over Illinois next weekend, the Wildcats would have been in the same boat — unable to beat Penn State in any tiebreakers. (As soon as both Penn State and Wisconsin won their October 29 games to go to 5-1, the weekend before they were scheduled to play each other — meaning one of them was going to be 6-1 — all teams with three or more losses were mathematically eliminated.)