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5:40 pm EST        34°F (1°C) in Rawlins, WY

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You didn’t think they had the Internet here in Wyoming, did you? wink Well, they do, at least here in this city located halfway across the state from west to east along Interstate 80. I am slightly less than one-fourth through the run that will take me home, a load of cookies headed to within 15 miles of home in Michigan. Some other driver gets to take this one to the other two stops in Vermont and Massachusetts.

You know what that date at the top of this entry means: that BEAT THE BUCKEYES week has arrived. This is exactly what football between Michigan and that school down south should be. Both teams are 11-0 after ass-kickings of their opponents yesterday. That school down south (whose name I cannot manage to speak wink) is #1 in all the human polls and #2 in all of the BCS computer rankings, and Michigan is #2 with the humans and #1 with the computers. This Saturday’s winner is undoubtedly in the national championship game next January 8 in Glendale, AZ, and after a few of the major losses by certain teams (Louisville, Auburn, Texas) this past weekend, it is beginning to look highly possible that the loser this upcoming weekend could remain #2 in the BCS and earn a rematch.

This rematch idea is especially possible should Michigan beat that school down south on Saturday; since that school down south has been #1 in the BCS all year, they probably stand a better likelihood of only falling to #2 with a loss. Of course, if the game is a blowout for either side, who knows what will happen. I just feel like Michigan is going to have to go down there and take care of its own business to get into the title game — a loss by Michigan probably puts them in the Rose Bowl rather than the title game.

That’s about all the time I had for making another update here; I need to be off into Nebraska somewhere by the end of tonight. Since I’ll probably end the night in that district, maybe I can go console the hottest guy ever to have run for Congress — Scott Kleeb, who lost his bid to represent the 3rd District as a Democrat last week — with a little sexual healing. wink