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1:58 am EST        28°F (-2°C) in Petersburg, VA

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The weather has started to turn colder in much of the eastern half of the country, including this state that still finds itself under strict economic sanctions imposed by me. I was told by my company to fuel approximately 30 miles north of Richmond, but I instead opted to use a stop roughly 40 miles northeast of Baltimore along Interstate 95; it's far better that Maryland collected the roughly $20 in fuel tax revenue than Virginia. If enough people keep their money out of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and away from companies based there, these idiots who think they can make un-American, unconstitutional laws will soon learn their lesson.

Of course, some people think it's fine to go to the lengths of medical malpractice to uphold their silly idea of "morality." I read an article in yesterday's USA Today about certain pharmacists who refuse to fill doctors' prescriptions for birth-control pills and the so-called "morning after" pill, saying that it violates their "morals" to do so. Friends, the only violation occurring here is one of the law, perpetrated by these Wacko Satanic Rightie quacks posing as pharmacists; when a doctor writes out an explicit order for a person to receive certain medication, it is medical malpractice for a pharmacist to refuse to dispense that medication on any grounds. Any quack that does this ought to face immediate revocation of their pharmacy license, and should also be exposed to multi-million-dollar liability in malpractice suits. Sometimes, I just really can't believe what this country is coming to …

I really don't have much to say about last week's election, other than that the results prove that the United States is the most backward, intolerant, idiotic developed nation on the planet. Only the fundamentalist Islamic theocracies of the Third World are any worse, quite frankly — and one has to wonder how long it will be before we're at war with a large number of them. Before you begin to read partisan leanings into what I'm saying here, it's not so much Bush's victory or the increased Repub-a-dub-dub margins in Congress that prove this, as it is the 11-for-11 record amassed by the Wacko Satanic Righties in their campaign of anti-gay bigotry, and the fact that the most divisive presidential campaign in history actually managed to succeed in uniting enough people to win the election. Seriously, why don't we just put up giant signs reading "WHITE MALE HETEROSEXUAL SOUTHERN BAPTISTS ONLY" at our borders? That's the way we act, despite our (clearly now bogus) claims of being the most free nation on earth.

I managed to sneak home for several hours last Friday. The load I was pulling had from Thursday evening to Sunday late-night to go from Chicago to eastern Pennsylvania, so I took advantage of the extra time to do a few things I needed to do. I bought a combination VCR/DVD player for my parents' Christmas gift, and for lack of any place to store or hide it for seven weeks, I just went ahead and gave it to them while home. They didn't previously have a DVD player year-round, and the VCR was getting so old it would eat tapes; so it was not only something they needed, but it was about time to replace what they had, too. In addition to that, I got to have lunch with my friend Marc, bought the DVD of the movie Latter Days, and also bought myself a new phone. My old phone wouldn't hold a battery charge worth a damn anymore (no matter how many different batteries I put in it), so I had to do something, despite not really wanting to spend that kind of money. This phone seems to work quite well; I've had people tell me I sound louder and clearer now, so I guess that's a good thing.

It's off to Alabama, and I need to get some sleep.