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9:58 pm EST        51°F (11°C) in Blandford, MA

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It sure is nice to get a day where I really don’t have to do anything. It took over seven hours to get unloaded last night about 15 miles east of here in Westfield, which meant that I was out of hours for yesterday. After that, it wasn’t until almost noon that I was even assigned another load, and I have until tomorrow night to get back over to Syracuse, NY, to pick that one up. It looks like I will drop that one in Pennsylvania to get a Michigan-bound load to take me home from there.

Even though the Michigan football team had this weekend off, good things still happened for Wolverine fans in Big Ten action earlier today. Penn State beat Wisconsin 35-14 at Beaver Stadium; that was one of the three outcomes of other games the Wolverines needed to go their way over the rest of the season to have a shot at the championship. If Iowa takes care of Wisconsin next weekend in Iowa City, and Moo U beats Penn State in two weeks in East Lansing, Michigan can go to a BCS game by beating Indiana next weekend and Ohio State on November 19 (both of which will be in Ann Arbor). Obviously, the one that is absolutely vital is getting Moo U to beat Penn State; if that doesn’t happen, all bets are off, because the Nittany Lions will be representing the Big Ten in the BCS. If Moo U does pull that off, though, we are going to end up with a murky series of tiebreakers among as many as four 6-2 teams, so it will be fun to watch in the final two weeks.

I don’t really have the time for it tonight, but I’ve been thinking of an idea for another long update here for quite some time. This topic got very scant mention here when it was actually going on in 2001, but I think it’s about time to set the record straight about some of the utter morons I dated during that year. The idea came to me recently while I was listening to a segment of a radio show in which the host was soliciting stories from listeners about the sweetest thing a lover had ever done for them (or vice versa); I guess I’m cynical, but damn it, I have free rein to bitch here. wink Look for that in the near future.