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4:10 am EST        38°F (3°C) in Santa Rosa, NM

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After picking up a load in Tennessee late on Monday night, I have completed about 60% of a trip out to California to deliver it. This is a nice easy load that allows me to get away with making as little as 400 miles (640 km) in a day, an easy 6½-hour drive.

Yet again, so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” have been shown to be hypocrites who are full of shit when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. Ted Haggard, the leader of both the 14,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO (which was mentioned here for its role in fostering pedophilia a month ago) and the 30-million-member National Association of Evangelicals, has stepped down from these positions after his gay affair with a 49-year-old Denver, CO man was revealed. Mike Jones, who first made the allegations on Denver’s KUSA-TV and KHOW-AM, says that Haggard paid him for sex on multiple occasions over a three-year period, and also used crystal methamphetamine in Jones’ presence.

Proving that their brand of “Christianity” is about political power first and God, well, somewhere way down the line, so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” leaders, including Haggard himself, have tried to claim this is some sort of “November surprise” intended to influence next week’s elections. “I don’t know if this is election-year politics or if this has to do with the marriage amendment or what it is,” Haggard said to KUSA. Also appearing in that Reich-wing echo chamber, in which lies are repeated until they somehow magically turn into “truth,” was James Dobson with this male-cow excrement: “Ted Haggard is a friend of mine, and it appears someone is trying to damage his reputation as a way of influencing the outcome of Tuesday’s election — especially the vote on Colorado’s “marriage-protection” [Ed. try fag-bashing] amendment, which Ted strongly [Ed. I might add hypocritically] supports.” (Those edits are mine, to enhance Dobson’s statement with some real truth.)

In fact, these so-called “Christians” are no doubt going to prove yet again that their behavior is anything but Christian. Let’s compare how they have acted toward a few of “their own” after revelations of homosexuality. As many of you know, John Paulk, the founder of the so-called “ex-gay” sham Exodus, was spotted in Washington, DC gay bar Mister P’s in 2000; Paulk even admitted to another man in the bar that he was gay, two years after appearing with his “wife” Anne on the cover of Newsweek! However, because Paulk continued to work for Dobson’s anti-Christian hate group “Focus on the Family” after the incident, continued to issue statements that rhetorically bashed gay people, and never publicly came out, Dobson said he thought Paulk should be forgiven.

I’ve also mentioned the story of Michael Johnston here before on many occasions. Johnston, in case you don’t know, was the head of Jerry Falwell’s “ex-gay” sham until it was revealed that he had knowingly infected nearly 200 Virginia men with HIV without informing them of his status. Again, because Johnston never came back out of the closet, and continued to push the “ex-gay” lie after the truth about him was revealed, his friend Peter LaBarbera (formerly of the Illinois “Family” Institute, now the head of his own personality cult called Americans for “Truth”) merely said Johnston had had a “moral fall” and continued to closely associate with a person most other so-called “Christians” would consider to be the spawn of Satan.

Now let’s examine the story of the Rev. Mel White, the co-founder of Soulforce. White had been a ghost-writer for some of the biggest names in so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christianity’,” including Falwell, Billy Graham, Pat Robert-satan, and Jim Bakker, before coming out; he wrote large parts of several books by these people. The only thing Rev. White did differently than John Paulk and Michael Johnston was follow God’s Eighth Commandment — he told the truth about the way God made him, simply by coming out publicly. Did Falwell et al. treat Rev. White with the same compassion and quick forgiveness they offered Paulk and Johnston? Ten thousand times no, judging from all the lies Falwell spouted about both gay people in general and Rev. White in particular in these letters. Rev. White was thrown out on the sidewalk by these so-called “Christian” leaders.

This is proof that to so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’,” it is a bigger “sin” to follow God’s Eighth Commandment by being honest about your God-given sexuality and coming out, than to both (a) violate this Commandment by living a lie and (b) actually have all kinds of lustful anonymous gay sex! Their words condemn God’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children as the most heinous of “sinners” bound for the lowest, hottest levels of Hell; but their actions, which they have demonstrated in the cases of Paulk, Johnston, and Rev. White, instead constitute an active inducement for gay people to sin! That’s right, so-called “Christians” WANT YOU TO SIN (by lying about yourself) if you are GLBT! They prove this by their actions, and Jesus told us, “By their [actions] ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:16)

Finally, I must close this update with a funny story I saw earlier today, about what apparently passes for a high-speed police chase in Oklahoma. I had pulled into the Flying J truck stop on the west side of Oklahoma City to grab some food; while in there, I saw that they had some TVs on one of OKC’s local network stations and its 5:00 pm news program. This station’s helicopter was following a “high-speed chase” occurring in rural Caddo County, about 40 miles (64 km) west of OKC. I put “high-speed” in quotes because the vehicle being chased was only traveling at roughly 50 mph (80 km/h) on a gravel back road. You’re probably already chuckling, but it gets even better: the vehicle being chased was a late-1980s Chrysler minivan — complete with the fake wood trim Chrysler used to put on the sides! I shit you not. Most hilariously, the chase ended without serious incident when the road dead-ended! I’m even getting a good laugh typing it out here — it was just too fucking funny. Only in Oklahoma, I guess. smile