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6:37 am EDT        38°F (3°C) in South Rockwood, MI

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This time, I’ve managed to make it back here in five days rather than 28. As usual, last week at work was fairly boring and uneventful, except for last Thursday night/Friday morning, when some idiot (apparently unknowingly) hit an emergency shutdown switch at the loading rack we use and caused it to be down for an hour and 20 minutes. Naturally, I arrived just after that had happened and got to sit through the whole thing; as a result, I had to divert a load to a different store than the one originally planned, lest I run over my allotted 12 hours and leave the morning driver wondering where I was. It wasn’t a big deal, though, because we were able to start said morning driver’s Friday shift with two back-to-back trips to the store I left hanging — which never even came close to running out, in any event.

In case you’re wondering why I had to skip that store, it had to do with its distance from our loading rack. Our stores range anywhere from 26 miles (42 km) to 61 miles (98 km) away from the rack; the drive times range from a half-hour for the 26-miler, to an hour and 10 minutes for the 61-miler. As you can probably guess, the store I was supposed to go to was the 61-miler; there was just no way I was going to leave the rack at 1:25 am EDT, drive 61 miles, drop 12,800 gallons (48,453 L) of diesel in the ground, drive another 31 miles (50 km) to our “base” store, and fuel the truck for the morning driver, and have all of that done by 4:00 am. I took the load to the closest store — the 26-mile trip from the rack, which is also the “base” store I mentioned a sentence ago — and filled them just about to capacity, and I still didn’t get done until the better part of 3:00 am.

Eagle-eyed watchers of this site may have noticed the recent removal of one of the bullet-points on the “About Me” page, namely the one pertaining to my relationship status. In large part this had to do with its anachronicity — it was written a few years ago, when I was driving over the road, and isn’t applicable anymore in that regard — but to a certain extent, I think I’m also experiencing a little bit of an attitude shift toward the whole concept of relationships.

The gist of the said bullet-point was that I really wasn’t looking for anything; I proceeded to give a few excuses, all of which had to do with being on the road. It honestly had almost as much to do with my not really wanting to even be “on the market,” so to speak; you may remember this post from almost two years ago, which detailed all the drama and bullshit I went through with a number of guys between 2000 and 2002. After the “Chris the Shitter” referenced in that post, I more or less just said “fuck this shit” (no pun intended) and decided I was going to do whatever it took to be happy with singledom.

Since that time, I haven’t had anything even remotely approaching a serious romantic relationship, and I can count even the number of meaningless (but safe, mind you) “hook-ups” I’ve had on one hand. That never really bothered me, and I can’t say I regret it at all now, but I’m getting the feeling that now that I drive locally, it might be worth taking the baby step of putting ads on sites like It might get me absolutely nowhere, and I can’t say that getting nowhere would really bother me much (I’m kinda used to this single thing by now), but I’m coming to realize that it wouldn’t kill me to take half a chance on it either.

Well, Elton John once told us in song, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” I’m having the opposite problem — the sun is about to come up on me — so it’s off to bed. (The things that working nights will fuck up for you, huh?)