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3:56 am EDT        65°F (18°C) in Oak Grove, KY

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I will be headed home later this week, after I deliver my current load in South Carolina. I may actually get to see a certain simp from da U.P. when I get there, as he is supposed to be visiting da Mitten next week. I'll know more about that later.

Not long ago, I reached a milestone in my truck-driving career. I have now driven 250,000 miles as a solo driver (not counting the month I spent in training) with no collisions involving other vehicles. I did once have a deer run head-first into the side of my tractor along Interstate 44 in Missouri, causing some minor damage to a body panel, but given the unpredictable behavior of deer, trucking companies usually don't assess any kind of penalties on drivers for truck-deer accidents. (The deer got the worst of that one, obviously, but not from me — I seem to recall it being stunned but not killed from its head-first dash into me, before the SUV passing me on my left T-boned it. It was that second impact that caused the deer to meet its maker. I got sort of lucky, in fact, that the deer made impact where it did — a few feet forward and it could have damaged my tire or wheel, a few feet back and my fuel tank could have ruptured.) Anyway, not too many guys can stay in this industry long enough to even make it to a quarter-million miles; while that threshold means nothing given the many million-mile drivers out here, I guess I have something to be proud of. I've just started on my next quarter-million. wink

It's quite late and my brain seems to be shutting down on me, so it's about time to upload this and go to bed. Say goodnight, Gracie. smile