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2:49 am EDT        47°F (8°C) in Lincoln, NE

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After having spent much of the last week at home, I have returned to the road; I am once again on my way to the "Front Range" area of Colorado (along Interstate 25 from perhaps Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, including Denver and its suburbs). For the most part, I haven't done anything hugely important in the last 12 days, but I have done a couple things I want to mention here.

Last Tuesday, I went to the city clerk's office and picked up my absentee ballot for the upcoming election. I proceeded to fill it out and drop it back in the mail Tuesday night; at this point, they have at least one vote for John Kerry for President, and one "no" vote on Michigan's Proposal 2 (the state constitutional amendment that would enshrine homophobia in Michigan's highest laws). I'll have more to say about the election in future updates a bit closer to November 2.

Additionally, after a few weeks' worth of work, I completed the first of a series of essays dealing with many topics related to homosexuality. "How to Out-Argue a Fundamentalist" officially made its debut last Wednesday; while I won't talk much about its content here (you ought to go read it!), I will say that working on that project is what has consumed much of my online time lately.

Outside of those two things, much of the last two weeks has been "same old, same old" for me: driving, taking some time off at home, etc.. About the only other thing worth mentioning is my assistance in moving furniture and ripping up old carpet at my parents' home; they were to have new carpeting installed and furniture delivered within the few days after I left. The old stuff was from 1988 and falling apart, so it was about time to ditch it — though the old items had lasted through 16 years and two very playful dogs. I'll have to check out the end result next time I get back that way.