News and Notes

« Fri.10.01.1999 »

The Gateway PC arrived last Wednesday, after much credit wrangling. At least this thing can play Quake III.

Not a whole lot has been happening in the last three weeks since I updated this last -- classes, homework, and social life have basically accounted for most of my non-sleeping time.

I've been thinking over my housing options for next year lately. I've decided that while now is not the time to jump into anything, I'm going to do some looking around. I'm thinking that Baits merits serious consideration, but for all I know, I may remain in Bursley -- or, for that matter, I could live in an apartment or sublet on Central Campus. (God forbid.) There are also a lot of apartment complexes near North Campus, so those may get a look as well. Finally, if I get some girl knocked up very soon, I could live in Northwood -- but I don't think that'll be happening. :)