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10:39 pm EDT        52°F (11°C) in Sterling, IL

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I find myself in western Illinois tonight after running here from Pennsylvania. This load follows one that picked up in Albany, GA and took me to the company’s terminal in the Keystone State. About half of this load comes off here; I have to take the rest to Tomah, WI for tomorrow night, a fairly easy four-hour drive from here.

Last night, I came across this story in Mike Tidmus’ blog about a so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” cosmetology teacher, Martha Louise Piggee, who forcibly handed out so-called “Christian” religious tracts to her students at Carl Sandburg College, located not terribly far from here in Galesburg. (I say “forcibly” because she snuck them into the back pockets of students who refused them.) When this harassment was reported to the school and noted in her personnel file, she did what any good Christofascist terrorist would do: she went to court, claiming her “freedom of religion” rights had been violated because she was told to stop handing out these tracts. Thankfully, Piggee lost at the district court level, as she should have, but she is now whining about how she is going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

I’m really a little bit uncomfortable linking to online .GIF versions of these tracts, which are put out by the extremist “Christian” cartoonist Jack Chick, because of the satanic, sickening, anti-Christian lies and unnatural perversions of reality they contain. That said, I also feel that I have a duty to expose these deviant Satan-inspired freaks for what they truly are. I’m going to share some snippets of these tracts with you, just to give you an idea of how evil their repeated, willful violations of God’s Eighth Commandment are.

'Sin City' #1

This one is from Chick’s tract “Sin City,” one of many in which he shows his unnatural obsession with God’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children. The context here is apparently Chick’s fantasy of a Pride parade; he would have you believe that law enforcement is so strongly on the side of the gays that any so-called “Christian” who dares venture to such an event risks life and limb.

Anybody who is even one percent in touch with reality knows full well that Chick is intentionally lying — willfully violating God’s Eighth Commandment — to the readers of his garbage. As Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend shows in this post, so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” are free to spout their garbage at Pride parades, and frequently show up in large numbers to do so. In fact, if anybody is truly in danger at Pride events, it is not the so-called “Christians” but rather GLBT people themselves — this has been proven hundreds of times, most recently at San Diego Pride in late July where three gay men were beaten and stabbed.

'Doom Town' #1

This one is from “Doom Town,” another Chick tract. I don’t even know where to start on this one, because there are so many complete fabrications here, intended to get people to fear gays so much that they will do us harm. Even if it were possible with modern screening, nobody has ever made this threat. There is no way that HIV-infected blood can find its way into our blood supply these days, because thorough testing is done on all donors; for some reason, though, that doesn’t stop Chick from inventing this lie out of thin air to make everybody think we’re murderous freaks.

'Sin City' #2

We’re back to “Sin City” for this one, in which a so-called “Christian” is asking an apparently gay priest about the Sodom story. As anybody with one-half of a functioning brain cell knows, Sodom was destroyed for its inhospitality; Jesus, who as God’s Son should know if anybody does, proved this to us in Luke 10:10-12. That said, there is a reason Chick’s gay priest can’t think of any other city God destroyed for its sins: because Chick is trying to make you ignore the time God wiped out THE WHOLE FUCKING EARTH to eliminate the sin of heterosexuals and GLBT people alike (Genesis 6:5 to 8:22). Chick is trying to play God and claim to his readers that homosexuality is the most grave, deadly sin there is, but he again lies by willfully ignoring the inconvenient parts of God’s Word that prove him wrong.

On the one hand, the fact that so many people keep right on repeating these complete lies drives me up a wall to the point of blowing a gasket. I want to scream to these people, HOW DARE YOU? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU? If I’m not careful, I’ll burst a coronary or something, and then I won’t be around to show my fellow GLBT children of God the absolute truth that God created us just as we are for a reason and loves us unconditionally. I do, however, take comfort when I take a much longer-term view of Christofascist terrorists like Jack Chick: while humankind and modern society may give them all a pass for their exceedingly anti-Christian, Satan-inspired behavior, I know that God won’t. They will have to answer to God for the most heinous evil that has ever been perpetrated on the human race, and He will hand down their sentences to eternity in the fires of Hell, at the same time allowing those who truly follow the example of His Son Jesus — GLBT people included — into His heavenly Kingdom.