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4:52 am EDT        61°F (16°C) in South Rockwood, MI

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I have once again had way too much shit to do lately; in fact, as I sit down to type this update out, I’m waiting on a load in my dryer to finish. I’m honestly not quite sure when I’m going to get a “weekend” where I don’t have anything to do and can just relax.

In the shower the other day (why is it I always seem to do my best thinking while either showering or taking a shit? wink), I came to a rather important realization of the truth about the so-called “ex-gay” bullshit promoted by so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” groups and churches. Specifically, I came to see the light about their very use of the term “ex-gay” itself. That particular use of terminology makes it blatantly obvious that they are not interested in “saving” or “converting” God’s beloved gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender children, but instead only bashing them with that kind of rhetoric.

If somebody were really, truly “ex-gay” (if such a thing were actually even possible), and if being gay is as evil and horrible as they make it out to be (which, in actuality, it isn’t), don’t you think that so-called “ex-gays” would really want to identify themselves simply as straight and avoid any connection with even the word “gay”? Logic would dictate that that would be the case. However, these so-called “Christian” groups persist in the use of the term “ex-gay.” Why, then, do they really do this?

I think it’s twofold, really: first, they want to use that terminology as a rhetorical weapon with which to bash GLBT folk, and second, it is a subtle, under-the-radar admission that their so-called “ministries” (for which they charge exorbitant amounts of money, often into five figures) do not and cannot possibly work. I mean, if they truly wanted to move past a so-called “gay lifestyle,” the most effective way to do so would be to avoid terminology that keeps tying them back to it, right? They won’t do that, though, because they would be giving up their un-Christian, hateful rhetoric against God’s GLBT children — the fact that they are sabotaging their own cause notwithstanding.

By implying that somebody can be “formerly” gay (which is not possible, because God made gay people gay, for reasons likely known only to Him, and knew what He was doing) rather than eschewing the gay reference and simply calling themselves straight, they are making the suggestion that GLBT people should go against their God-given nature and in effect say, “Fuck you, God, I refuse to be what you made me to be.” Needless to say, this is highly, highly sinful, and it proves that Satan is at work in the hearts and minds of anybody who believes in a single word of this so-called “ex-gay” bullshit.

It may be possible to convince oneself to be celibate, but this does not make one any “more straight” or “less gay.” Sexual orientation is an inborn, innate quality of a person, and there is at most a minimal level of fluidity to it — even years of programming aren’t going to make a gay man’s penis get hard when he sees a naked woman. He might well be able to have sex with her, but it’s purely a mechanical affair completely devoid of the passion a straight man would have. This is about the best these so-called “ex-gay” programs can really do, to threaten GLBT folk into either celibacy or sham “marriages” by using their anti-Christian mis-interpretations of the Bible — and is that really worth twenty large? Can you not come to that decision on your own, if that’s what you feel your religious beliefs require of you, without giving your life savings over to their evil agenda?

As if that’s not enough, these so-called “ex-gay” charlatans are known to wildly inflate their numbers. They often make claims about “hundreds of thousands of happy ‘former homosexuals’,” but research indicates that they number in the single thousands (i.e., four figures) at best, and that at least 70% of people who go through these programs fail to see anything meaningful come out of them. Yet these so-called “Christians” keep pushing Satan’s talking points, and they show no signs of stopping.

I have to get going to bed in order to be up for work on time tomorrow. I’ll check back in whenever time permits again.