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6:11 pm EDT        84°F (29°C) in Marietta, GA

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So far, I have only run one load since coming back out to the road this past Monday; I was sent out to Quincy, MI, near Coldwater, on Tuesday afternoon, to pick up a load of Hebrew National brand hot dogs destined for Atlanta. (Speaking of Hebrew, a slightly belated l’shana tovah to my Jewish readers.) After delivering that load, I had to come back up here to the company terminal to get some work done on this truck, as well as complete a required one-hour log-book re-certification course. Ever since then, I’ve been told that there isn’t much freight to be run, so it looks like I may be sitting for a while.

Other than that, I don’t especially have a ton of news to report, but I didn’t really want this to get stale again with a week-old update still up. I guess it’s off to watch Notre Dame destroy Moo U.