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1:00 am EDT        71°F (22°C) in Aurora, CO

Calendar of Updates

I have made it quite a bit farther west than I normally do; this update finds me in the eastern suburbs of Denver. It's nice to go to out-of-the-ordinary places in my travels, and it's been over a year since I've been out this way. Mind you, not all aspects of going to Denver are wonderful — the 400 miles of absolutely nothing between Salina, KS and Denver are enough to bore even a seasoned road veteran like me to death. Oh well, I suppose the amazing views of the Rockies off to the west of here make up for that. (They can be seen for 60 miles on a clear day — they first came into view on I-70 at milepost 315 or so, and it is at milepost 256 that I-70 begins a long, steep, twisting climb into the Rockies.)

My primary reason for making this update is to mention that I have made significant progress on some of the essays I am writing for an eventual "Being Gay" section of this site. With the crazy mileage I've been running lately, I've barely had time to even get on this computer at all, much less do any time-consuming work on this site. I had what more or less amounted to a day off today, and I took advantage of it.

Anyhow, it's time for bed, as I will be leaving this "Mile High City" tomorrow to head for the "Windy City."