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2:43 am EDT        64°F (18°C) in Fairview, TN

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It is said that what goes around comes around, or stated a bit more bluntly, “karma is a bitch.” In a manner that I must say I found incredibly ironic, Mr. Halliburton himself, Dick “Go Fuck Yourself” Cheney, got handed his due yesterday afternoon — live on CNN, no less — during a visit to the hurricane-ravaged city of Gulfport, MS.

Cheney was speaking to a pool of reporters in the middle of a street in Gulfport when a protester, who was later identified as Dr. Ben Marble, walked near the crowd of reporters and shouted, “Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!” As Cheney continued speaking to the reporters, some scuffling could be heard in the background — probably Rethuglican operatives dragging Marble away — before Marble could be heard repeating himself, “Go fuck yourself!”

At this point, one of the reporters interrupted the vice-president, asking him, “Are you getting a lot of that, Mr. Vice-President?” Telling a blatant lie, as everybody knows by now, Cheney replied, “First time I’ve heard it. [He] must be a friend of John … ah, never mind,” stopping himself before he said “Kerry.” (A 48-second video of the incident is available in both Windows Media Player and QuickTime formats on this page at It is just after the halfway point of the video that Marble can first be heard cursing at Cheney. Per C&L’s request on its site, I did not link directly to the videos, but rather to the page that contains links to them.)

Turnabout is fair play, and it’s about goddamn time somebody expressed the sentiment held by a majority of Americans toward the current mis-administration. It has become obvious to anybody with even one-half of a functioning brain cell that “Go fuck yourself” is what the Dumbya mis-administration has, in effect, been saying to the American people. Dr. Marble is a true American hero and a patriot for displaying the chutzpah (ooh, I just used Hebrew wink) to speak for the silent majority of Americans.

I have to admit that I find it hard to keep up the stomach necessary to keep talking about Katrina, mostly because the Dumbya mis-administration’s response has been such a joke that it’s really quite terribly depressing. Figuratively speaking, it makes me sick to the point of projectile-vomiting (not literally, or else Tennessee would be covered in my puke by now wink) that the #1 GOP talking point is to blame everybody else, from Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (gotta love that Cajun maiden name) and New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, to congressional Democrats who they claim are playing a “blame game.” Note to Rethuglicans: THIS IS NOT A GODDAMN GAME, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES! PEOPLE ARE DEAD BECAUSE YOU SHIT-FOR-BRAINS IDIOTS FUCKED UP! The fact that these assholes are reduced to nothing more than the Karl Rove talking points is clear and indisputable evidence that they know they are to blame for the piss-poor response to Katrina.

Like I said a couple updates ago, the felonious negligence demonstrated by the Dumbya mis-administration goes far beyond the standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors” spelled out in the Constitution as a pre-requisite to impeachment. We are literally talking about crimes against humanity here, and those Republican hacks and Bush minions who speak out in support of this mis-administration deserve to have their skulls filled with .357 Magnum shells. For their part, the criminals in government should not only be removed from power, but hanged or executed by firing squad. I’m not even sure that the death penalty is enough punishment for the way this mis-administration has behaved in the aftermath of Katrina.

To be fair, it is also obvious that the state and local governments didn’t do everything perfectly, either. However, the state and/or local failures, from what I’ve been able to gather, seem to have come before the storm hit; for example, Nagin could have issued evacuation orders earlier, or put some city-owned school buses to use evacuating those who lacked cars. Considering that most of the National Guard troops normally at her disposal were unavailable, playing war games for oil in Iraq, Blanco really couldn’t do too much other than what she did — declaring a state of emergency.

The federal failures, on the other hand, mostly came after the storm had hit; if there was ever a time for “shock and awe,” it was at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, August 30, and Dumbya’s failure to IMMEDIATELY send in massive waves of troops and supplies is what caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people. I mean, just in terms of the evacuation effort, FEMA should have requested every available highway motorcoach from every charter-bus company in the Southeast, if not from even further away. (Having once driven such highway motorcoaches, as well as mass transit buses, I consider myself uniquely qualified to figure out how to move people.) Unfortunately, thinking such things through requires competent leadership — all the way up to the top — and ultimately, the buck must stop in the Oval Office.

Enough of that. Many of you may remember California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's exhortation to Rethuglican delegates — “Don’t be economic girlie-men” — at their convention last year. Well, Ahh-nuld has decided to be a girlie-man when it comes to doing the right thing for full equality in his state. Both the Assembly and state Senate had passed a bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage rights in California; all it would have needed to become law was Schwarzenegger’s signature, or a “pocket veto” in which he would allow the bill to become law by taking no action on it for 30 days. Perhaps not surprisingly for a politician from the anti-equality, anti-freedom Rethuglican Party, Schwarzenegger has decided to veto the bill, killing it.

Ahh-nuld may talk a good game, claiming that he’s different from other “career politicians” and that he will do what is right, but in this case, he proved himself to lack the testicles sufficient to stand up to Karl Rove and his “let’s get the ‘Christians’ out to vote for us by throwing those faggots in front of the bus” tactics. In other words, he’s just like every other Rethuglican on the planet: a liar and a hypocrite. Here’s a “Go fuck yourself, Arnold!” from me to the Governator.

As long as people like this stay in control of government in America — and honestly, I really doubt it will change in the foreseeable future — this country is not the kind of place of which I would be proud to be a citizen. Earlier this past evening, in my random explorations around the ’Net, I stumbled across a blog whose owner is talking about moving to New Zealand once he finishes school here in the States. Apparently this person had looked into the relative possibilities of moving to several different English-speaking countries, but settled on New Zealand after finding that it has both (a) an unemployment rate of only 3% and (b) lower barriers to entry via immigration than most of the others, particularly Canada. Maybe that’s an option I should be looking into; I’ll see what I can learn online in the near future. I know that I would have to get used to January being warm and July being cold, as well as a time difference from U.S. Eastern Time of 16 to 18 hours depending on the time of year, but I really don’t know much else at this point.

Well, it’s time to be off for tonight. I’m on my way to Indiana for a delivery on Saturday evening.